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Hello lovely humans and welcome to our website. If you are reading this a wedding chicks are over on Facebook thank you so much for stopping by if you are new here I know we are getting a lot of new visitors every single day it is the thick of engagement season y’all so if you’re new here welcome my name is Bruno Maiorana and I’m a wedding planner based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and I write articles on wedding planning tips and tricks for the modern day bride.

Today we’re doing something slightly different though today we’re gonna take a walk down memory lane and we’re gonna go over all the things that I wish I knew when I was planning a wedding and just some do’s and don’ts to help you hopefully get started on the right foot when it comes to wedding planning so you avoid some of the mistakes that I know that I made while planning my wedding and I know that a bunch of couples out there make as well so that further ado let’s jump right on it the first thing that I learned while planning my wedding is do have a DIY game plan that means know the style and the theme and the textures and the colors that you are going for before you start buying anything like anything at all because then you may end up like me with a bunch of lace table squares a couple years later and you still don’t know what to do with them but you have lace table squares cuz you thought that was a part of your vision early on only to realize that lace table squares are not a thing unless you’re above the age of 80.

So have a DIY game plan before you buy anything cuz you might get stuck with a bunch of stuff that you didn’t need and you never used like me also if anyone’s on the market for some lace table squares holler at your girl the second thing that I learned is don’t assume that everyone knows what you want you guys know the old adage of don’t assume cuz what happens when you assume.

Leave that blanks I’m pretty sure y’all can put that together well I’m not saying you need to go into absolute super duper minut detail with every single professional vendor that you’re dealing with it does mean that you will need to cover things that you may consider it to be basic you may assume that engagement photoshoot is included in your package with your photographer and your photographer may our offer engagement shoots as a part of their packages and they’re always an add-on so don’t assume those things if they’re important to you take the time to chat through those details let’s see what did I assume at my event I assumed that my caterer would be able to feed all of my guests in a timely manner so I just never talked about it little did I know ended up taking a lot longer than I anticipated to get all of the guests through the line so while we had a fantastic caterer and I totally loved their food and the service they provided I assumed that it would be a quick service and it wasn’t it ended up being a lot longer than we anticipated or then I put in my original timeframe that’s what I assumed and it didn’t go horribly but it didn’t go the way I had it pictured in my mind so go over the details that are the most important to you for me the timeliness of my event was extremely important and making sure everything ran really smoothly was very important and I didn’t go over some of those details with some of the key vendors that mattered I went over it with a DJ with the photographer but I didn’t talk to my caterer about it and that strongly affected how our evening went number three do think through absolutely everything this was a lot I know there are things that I didn’t think through for my event I’d like to say that I planned the most bomb-diggity wedding ever but if you’ve been around on this channel for awhile then you know that I made a bunch of mistakes when planning my own wedding and that’s part of the reason why I make this channel and why I started my business is because I don’t want other people to make the same mistakes I did so while it was bomb-diggity in some respects it was really really lacking in other areas and one of those was because I didn’t think through all of the elements that I would need because I DIY so much sure I had a setup crew I had a teardown crew I’d end up taking way longer than any of us anticipated that’s another thing I did a whole video on it I’m gonna go ahead and ink it up here if you guys are interested it’s just one of the most overlooked parts of the wedding day so I thought I handled that but I didn’t clearly I needed a little bit more help there but one of the things that I did not think through was who was gonna bless my tables this is another reason why this is a point that I always bring up before ever talking about catering or food services who’s going to clean up and who’s gonna bust your tables my bridal party instead of joining me on the Dan looked around at all of the messy tables and we’re like shoot we need to go pick that up because we don’t want you me and Elias to be dealing with this at the end the night and while I love them for that and I’m so grateful that they just like jumped up and did it and handled it it made me realize in hindsight oh my goodness like I di wide stuff and I thought that everything would be okay because I assumed that everyone knew what I wanted but I didn’t think through all of the details so if your DIY you’re I’m catering make sure bussing tables is taken care of make sure table setup is taken care of all of those sorts of things it’s almost like that thing that I think we did in Middle School where our teachers made us bear with me okay memory lane a little bit they made us write down a step-by-step list of how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and you think that it would just be like well that’s really simple like you just open the peanut butter and open the jelly and put it on the bread and smush it together and your peanut butter jelly sandwich no you walk to the pantry you open the pantry door you grab the jar of peanut butter you grab the jar jelly you walk them back to the counter you unscrew the peanut butter you get a butter knife out of the drawer you get where I’m going with this where you almost have to like break down every single little detail that might go into the element that you are di di wine who’s setting it up who’s tearing it down if you were doing a DIY photo booth do you have pens and tape for your photos to go to your scrapbook do you have appropriate lighting just so much so if you can if you were DIY anything pull yourself back from it and think through every single little step that potentially could go into it and right now I know half of you are like oh my gosh Jamie like thanks for the panic attack on the Tuesday I wasn’t anticipating that rude and I don’t say it to scare you but I just say it to prepare you it’s doable you can DIY your pretty little fingers off I promise just take a step back and make sure you’re covering all of the details that need to be taken care of number four don’t expect to know what you are doing guys this is most likely the first time you’ve ever planned an event of this magnitude this is huge this is not a birthday party this is not a sweet 16 this is not going to Vegas for your 21st birthday this is 75 to 300 people coming to eat a meal at a well-orchestrated event that you are in charge of planning and you still have to look like a normal person and not crazy on that day this is not normal you are not used to this give yourself some grace and make sure you take the time to do your research if you’re here watching videos on this channel then you’re taking a step in the right direction you’re educating yourself on the business and learning as much as you can about wedding planning so you can do it as masterfully as possible so congratulations you’re already taking steps in the right direction other places you can research would be like wedding blogs like wedding chicks or the knot Pinterest has great resources as well don’t expect to know what you’re doing and give yourself time to learn a lot about the industry so you could be as prepared as possible I know that I would beat myself up because I didn’t know the standard cost of a wedding photographer in my area and then I would panic because I would think oh my gosh what if I’m signing the wrong contract and what if I’m spending too much money on this person not enough money on this person then the photos are gonna suck and what am I gonna do and look give yourself grace in those moments to realize that you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re not supposed to that in mind number five do surround yourself with supportive people because home girl you’re gonna need a you are going to need some people to talk to you whether that’s your mom your aunt your best friend your fiance or a Facebook group you’re gonna need to turn to somebody to bounce ideas off of and talk you off of the wedding crazy ledge that every single bride and groom reaches when planning an event of this magnitude you don’t know what you’re doing so if you can make sure to surround yourself with people who you can just word vomit on whenever you need to there’s this phase that everyone hits four to six weeks out from their event where everyone goes why don’t we elope why did we plan a wedding why did we spend all of this money I am stressed out of my noodle and I don’t want to be doing this anymore this is stupid and it’s usually four to six weeks out that those feelings kind of get started where all of the last-minute details are swirling and twirling and doing all the whirling in your head and you need somebody to talk to you about that and you need a safe space to go to just be like this is stupid why am I doing this and for a long time while planning my wedding because I knew I wanted to break into this industry I thought I have to remain strong and not freak out because then it’s gonna seem like I don’t know what I’m doing I didn’t know what I was doing it was brand new to me and that’s okay guys be sure to surround yourself with someone who’s supportive speaking of which I am loving things that are happening in the comments section these last few videos y’all are answering these are those questions we are developing a community here I just think it’s so sting and precious and I love you guys for helping each other out so just random aside if you see someone with a question that you have an answer to jump on down there and help them out because we’re all basically struggling through this together number six don’t assume that your fiance will magically be invested in wedding planning I wish someone had told me this early on in my wedding planning process cuz it probably would have saved us quite a few fights like an embarrassing amount of fights uh if we get so hacked that my at the time fiance now husband didn’t care about the color of the bridesmaid dresses or didn’t care about the vessels that I put the flowers in I wanted him to be my sounding board and he wasn’t and I was like how could you not be invested this is our wedding day I wish someone had told me you know what this is not for everyone this is not something that excites everyone and your man Elias is one of those people who doesn’t give a flying fart in space about what your invitations are made out of he doesn’t he just wants to marry you so take a chill pill and don’t expect him to magically be invested so learn from my mistake don’t expect your future spouse to automatically fall in love with the wedding planning process just like you don’t know what you’re doing neither do they and guess what they may not care so try not to rake them over the coals about it because wedding planning is stressful enough as is you need to give yourself some grace and you need to give your future spouse some grace too haha things that I wish I learned number seven I know there’s gonna be some people who disagree with me and that’s okay do hire a coordinator if you are new to this channel then you may not know that I didn’t have a coordinator on my wedding day I was like I could do this I can handle it it’s fine I’m not spending all of that money on one person to run things for my wedding day hahaha but have you been here for a while the new know that that is like the one of the main reasons I started my business because I know how hard my wedding day was because I didn’t have a coordinator there was no one to run the time line and while that may not be a big deal to some of you to me it was and so when we were standing for 20-25 minutes waiting for a grand entrance to be announced that was not fun for me my husband’s hangry and we’ve got guests literally standing in line for a little DIY photo booth thing that I put together and they’re looking at us like what are you doing where you standing here and I’m like I don’t know we’re waiting on the DJ to announce us can someone go talk to him and then they found my mom and my mom came over and then I thought the photographer is gonna let the DJ know and we’re just standing there for close to a half an hour waiting to be announced set up didn’t go to plan teardown didn’t go to plan the event timeline didn’t go to plan and I was stressed out of my mind you know this may be what I do for a living and obviously I’m really passionate about it but I remember those feelings of just being like this is out of my control how can I fix this I want this event to be going better and it’s not and this is torturous and I hate this someone come help me and there was no one there so my best advice to you is please hire a coordinator please if you need to see any other content about why you should hire a coordinator or things of that nature I will link as many videos as I think I can in the description box below of all the reasons why you should hire one but I will tell you that my husband says if we if he went back and did anything anything differently for our wedding day it would be to hire a coordinator and this man although it’s my profession doesn’t really care about wedding planning didn’t care about our wedding planning process like he’s invested in me and my job and my business but like wedding planning as a whole isn’t very fascinating it to him which is fine because he works in construction and that’s not really fascinates me either but the one thing he would change is he said that we should have hired day of coordinator because it was for me craziness and madness and I was stressed and I didn’t like it so if you are any bit like me please hire someone please because you don’t know what could go wrong until it goes wrong and if you don’t have someone to handle it you have to handle it yourself and that’s suck and then my last little bit of advice is you do you do not do tradition because it’s tradition do not pick a theme because it’s popular do not do a garter toss if it makes you uncomfortable do not do a bouquet toss if you don’t want to do one forget cake-cutting forget even serving cake if that’s not your style and it doesn’t work for you then don’t do it my friend’s wedding planning is supposed to be a really really fun process so if something doesn’t fit into your idea of a perfect wedding cut it out just get rid of it if you disagree with something that I say when it comes to planning your wedding ignore everything that came out of my mouth because at the end of the day this is your wedding day not mine it’s not your mom’s it’s not your mother-in-law’s it’s not your best friends it’s not anyone else’s but yours and I promise you you will walk away with even more fond memories because you stuck to your guns and you did the things that you wanted to do so that’s what we have for today folks thank you so much for stopping by we’re gonna do a little something here at the end I want you guys to jump into the comments below and I want you to tell me what some of your biggest wedding stressors have been throughout this process because your insight for me is super valuable as I’m developing more videos and as we’re planning for the rest of 2019 and that really does inspire me well it’s kind of a weird thing I’d like to hear what stress you guys out so I can help you fix it so if you can jump in the comments below leave your biggest your top 3 wedding stressors there all right top 3 don’t panic about it and if you don’t want to talk about stressful stuff tell me your engagement story instead right okay cool or both tell me both if you feel like that if you haven’t done so already like this video subscribe to this channel for more tips and tricks for the modern day bride as always a huge shout out to my gal pals over at wedding chicks for hosting this week’s video and until next week bye guys oh and if you are new here or if you are old here whatever it happens to be if you guys haven’t checked out my second channel please go do so just it’s more lifestyle house mom fun plants stuff and it’s also where I have done a behind-the-scenes wedding video which I know a lot of you might be interested in I’m gonna go ahead and link that here and give that of you if you guys are interested because it’s really fun to be shown some behind the scene stuff okay the right