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welcome back to unengaged with Nora the show where I tell you how to get married even though I just turned 25 yesterday and I’m the same age as my mom when she got married y’all don’t know I work watches dude dude today we’re talking about something up he might seem a little clickbait but actually it could be really helpful if you are currently engaged and planning to get married next summer or next fall we are talking about the top wedding trends for 2019 so obviously we’re getting into the summer seasons which means that there’s tons of weddings happening but what some people may not know is that this is also a huge booking season for all vendors venues caterers photographers and wedding-dress shopping season so if you’re engaged plan to get married in 2019 now is the time to start creating your vision board for what you want your wedding to look like and if you want a wedding that is top of the trends jaw-dropping drooling instagram-worthy then you should listen please tips so the first one actually deals with the dress and due to the royal wedding coming up this week which I’ll have a whole video on that next week the biggest trend here is that instead of having beautiful long veils people are trying to do capes which i think is freaking sweet imagine like a 20-foot cape following you down the aisle and especially if you’re getting married in colder months forget the fur coat you have a cape the next trend has to do with the food seize and come on what’s a wedding without some good food ZZZ can I hear you can I hear you it’s my personal favorite part also what I do for a living so the first trend when it comes to food is actual wedding cakes oh my gosh Ricky lately doing a full circle so in case you didn’t know for a while um people we’re doing tasting cakes which means that it looks like a full cake but the only part that’s actually cake is the top tier and so you cut that for your cake cutting and then the rest of its offset from and you either have another cake in the background you know for the caterers to cut up or you do a dessert bar instead which is what most people have been doing they’ve been doing custom dessert bars really delicious they do the cookies though – the ice cream sundae bars so do the candy bars all that kind of stuff still fun but what I’ve noticed the past three weddings that I have done the cake has been demolished and I think the reason why is that you’re no longer getting cakes from just that old bakery around the corner from where your parents live you’re now getting cakes from these dedicated K curries and creameries that are not only beautiful but they’re also really delicious like I had a Cassata cake at this wedding and that thing was so delicious it was insane and people literally were coming back for seconds and thirds of the cake and I’m in the kitchen going like what the heck is going on I know this cake is delicious but like people don’t normally eat the cake at weddings so that’s the main huge thing for 2019 especially since people are no longer using disgusting fondant like it’s plastic people and they’re using fresh florals to decorate the cake so it’s just a nice simple delicious cake and the decoration is simple as well they just put some floral on it it’s beautiful and the next trend when it comes to food is about your dinner course say goodbye to the face say goodbye to plated meals the in thing for 2019 is food stations we’re talking interactive food stations you have a chef that is there tossing yourself you have a chef that is there tossing your pasta and everyone can watch and see the fresh pasta being tossed in the sauce and you add the meat you add the cheese and then it’s put on your plate and then you next station it’s amazing and I personally like these because one it’s entertainment as well as food two people get to choose what they want to eat and how much of it they want to eat because when you do a plated meal you’re assuming that everyone is going to eat everything on the plate and to be honest there’s a ton of wasted food that happens that way someone who doesn’t like broccoli isn’t gonna eat their broccoli and someone who doesn’t eat carbs they’re gonna waste their rice or mashed potatoes and then you have like basically a whole meal left over that no one is touched and it’s just a bunch of food waste and I think in this day and age we should be conscious of food waste so the dinner stations allows people to take home any extra food they may have it also allows the bride-and-groom and take home and the extra food they may have Plus like who doesn’t want a mac and cheese bar or a sweet potato bar or a raw bar or a stir-fry bar the list can go on and on and on but being better boom you’re good our next trends come more from your aesthetic point of view the first is hanging arrangements or hanging features so it’s become a huge trend my company just did a Cinco DeMayo wedding where they did a whole streamer chandelier I’ll attach photos it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen and so simple and it just added amazing dimension to the room especially since it was a giant warehouse so that’s the other trend is that you know people are getting married in industrial spaces so you have to really make them feel warm and comforting having things hanging from the ceiling helped create since I mentioned to the room and it also kind of gives that just position of like romantic sweet and also like hard industrial so you can do hanging florals you can do hanging candles like I said you could do hanging streamers you can talk to either your planner or your florist or maybe you know look on places like not our wedding wire and find people who are known for doing these hanging features because it does take an expert to do this you have to make sure everything is secure you have to have the right tools to get it up there so I would definitely say probably not a DIY project but definitely if you have the budget for it it adds so much especially on the head table and going back to how the industrial style is the current thing bright colorful weddings are coming back in I know for like the past three years every wedding I’ve been to has been gold and blush if I see one more gold and blush winning I’m going to slit my throat they are beautiful blush looks good on most people and gold is the trend that’s gonna be in until we die but just think outside the box you know people are being inspired by tropical places they’re doing a mock eCos weddings who are doing wedding is inspired by Palm Springs which I think are host jöhnny and I also like think about it you’re getting married this summer some of the most amazing florals bloom in the summer so you have so you have plenty of options you can have birds of paradise in there centerpieces you can have snapdragons and calla lilies you know all that’s in season at this time versus in the winter when really your only options are kind of you know roses I’m sure there’s definitely more than roses but that’s all I can think up right now so take advantage of the amazing floral so you can have it your wedding wildflowers go a long way and they’re pretty inexpensive and also your entire wedding doesn’t have to be bright and colorful you can do bright and colorful florals or linens or chairs or even you know food and centerpieces and then you can keep like your bridesmaids simple I just be more adventurous everyone tends to go to these like trendy colors for a while it was the mint color now it’s the blush color and also intellect that burgundy color for like the fall and winter weddings and I just challenge you to make your wedding a little different and then lastly you know this also comes with trends as well the industrial style is in like I’ve been saying you know we’re no longer you know seeing as many barn weddings or what they consider DIY weddings for a while for everything’s in mason jars and there’s plaid those are kind of on their way out as well and what’s in is going to a blank space venue large industrial and kind of bringing in everything you want and like I said it’s that contrast between the hard industrial space and like the beautiful romantic feminine aspects that you bring into it so guys those are my predictions for 2019 wedding trends you might see other stuff out there this is what a working professional has seen in the industry and I hope that you challenge yourself to create something truly memorable happy wedding planning Hey Joe Hey Joe do you wanna do a cameo that’s okay you

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