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These are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve been getting on our site about getting married in Minnesota.


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-How can I have a winter wedding without the crazy winter weather?

+Intimate indoor weddings are all the rage in recent years. Many couples opt. to have cozy indoor ceremonies that have window panes facing out to the snowy winter weather, rather than saying “I do” stuck in snowbanks. 

-What are some Minnesotan themes I can incorporate into my wedding?

+Minnesota is a state of great history, with deep roots in Native American culture. Colloquially known as “The Bread and Butter State” because of its many flour-mills and butter factories, Minnesota is known for many things: It is the birthplace of the Target Corporation, The University of Minnesota (a Big 10 school), and it’s the home to The Mall of America. Something you may not automatically attribute to this midwestern state- Minneapolis is known for its trendy vegan restaurants and emphasis on environmentalism.   

-Can I get married at The Mall of America?

+Yes, absolutely! There is nothing more Minnesotan than to tie-the-knot in The Chapel of Love! 

-Will I need a permit for my venue?

+It depends. Historic buildings and public spaces (such as state parks) may require permits, especially if there will be alcohol consumption. has a great list of public spaces, their features, and requirements to rent. 

-How long will it take to obtain a permit for my wedding venue? 

+On average it takes about 7 days to obtain a permit in Minnesota for a wedding venue, so be sure to tie the knot after you’ve dotted your I’s and crossed your t’s! 

-What are some local events/festivals around Minneapolis I can go to for my reception?

+Minneapolis is an active town! It may be worth considering having your wedding around another event if you’re interested in continuing festivities after the ceremony without having to do the planning yourself. In January there is the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, February there is the Grumpy Old Men Festival (not solely for Grumpy Old Men!!), The Festival of Nations in May, MayDay Parade & Festival in May, Grand Celebration Powow in June, Dragon Festival in July, Bayfront Blues Festival in August, The Minnesota State Fair August-September, The Minnesota State Fair (aka The Great Minnesota Get-Together) August-September, The Minnesota Renaissance Festival August-September, New Ulm Oktoberfest in October, Folkways of the Holidays weekends in December. 

-Do I need a witness?

+Yes, in Minnesota you must have at least two witnesses aged 16 or older to sign the certificate for the wedding to be legally recognized. 

-Where can I find local bands around Minneapolis for my wedding?

+There are many great websites for finding weddings bands such as Wedding Wire, The Knot, Gig Masters, Gig Salad, etc. They are great resources because they let you compare bands based on things such as: pricing, reviews, distance, and more!

-What are the requirements to get married in Minnesota?

+In Minnesota both parties must be present to apply for a marriage license. The license will cost $115 (or $40 if you take a Premarital Education course first), you will both need to show a form of identification, and be 18 years or older. 

-Do I have to be from Minnesota to get married in Minnesota?

+No! You can be from any state and get married in Minnesota!

-Is there a waiting period to get married in Minnesota?

+Nope! Minnesota used to have a 5-day waiting period (one of the longest in the country), but as of August 1, 2016 there is no waiting period! 

-Which venues are handicap accessible?

+The U.S. Census Bureau states that 1/5 Americans have a disability. Here are a few links for your attendees who may need something that addresses accessibility. , ,

-Who can marry my partner and me in Minnesota?

+Any active or retired judge, a court administrator, or a license or ordained minister.

-Are there any noise restrictions for outdoor weddings in Minnesota?

+ Depending on where the venue is held, the number of people in attendance, and how rowdy you expect things to get, you may need to look further into county ordinances and possibly have to apply for and purchase a permit. Source. 

-What are some good spots for large weddings?

+With Minnesota being a part of the midwest, farms and barns make great outdoor (or outdoor/indoor) options for large weddings! The Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester features breath-taking limestone. Stonewall Farms, has over 80 acres to celebrate on. The Mill City Museum, an old historic flour Mill, is a great choice for those who appreciate a sense of history or have a more rustic taste. In terms of large indoor ceremonies, The McNamara Alumni Center on the UMN campus can host up to 1,500 guests and has a gorgeous geometric architectural styling. The Calhoun Beach Club in Minneapolis has a modern, clean look for those who like things classically tasteful. The Minnesota History Center in Minneapolis has both indoor and outdoor spaces available, and an unparalleled sense of elegance.

-Which places offer free wedding samples?

+ This website has a great guide on how to gather up as many wedding freebies as you can get, but all in all, it doesn’t hurt to call a few local shops and ask if they charge for samples- it’s your big day, and you deserve to have the best without putting your wallet to rest. 

-Where can I find the best vegan catering in Minneapolis?

+Minneapolis is a town well known for its vegan cuisine! There are many options available that your meat-eating guests wouldn’t even recognize is vegan! To list a few: Vegan East, Crepe and Spoon, The Herbivorous Butcher, Vegan Fever, Trio Plant-Based, Breaking Bread Cafe and Catering. 

-How can I search for affordable photographers/videographers around Minneapolis?

+Aside from google searches and references from friends, using sites made for hiring photographers such as Model Mayhem is a great way to find freelancers in your area- especially if you’re on a budget! This way, you can post a casting detailing all of your needs, budget, etc., and have the estimates come to you, rather than chasing down photographer’s websites that don’t outwardly state their rates. Make sure to always ask for a portfolio of their work before hiring; many self-proclaimed “professionals” aren’t what they claim!

-How much should I expect to pay for a wedding around Minneapolis?

+ The Knot provides a great infographic detailing the average expenses couples in Minneapolis occur in planning their weddings.

-What are the benefits of a wedding in Minnesota?

+One of the biggest attractions to getting married in Minnesota (aside from getting married in The Mall of America) is the fact that Minnesota has four seasons! This means you can have your dream, snowy winter wedding, or a cool breezy outdoor wedding in June! 

-Where can I find UMN-themed wedding supplies?

+With The University of Minnesota being a Big 10 school, you can find UMN-themed gear nearly anywhere! Here you will find UMN’s official site for UMN supplies, however because of the school’s Big 10 status, many stores such as Target, or sporting goods stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods have products brandishing the school pride as well. 

-What about common law marriage?

+Minnesota unfortunately stopped initiating common law marriages in 1941. However, if you have had a common law marriage prior to moving to Minnesota, the state will legally recognize it. 

-Do I have to undergo any tests such as blood tests to be eligible for marriage in Minnesota?

+Nope! You are good to go.

-Where can I purchase an affordable (but adorable) wedding dress around Minneapolis? 

+Aside from logging on to Facebook marketplace, letgo, or risking your chances with a craiglist dress- you can find dresses for your wedding that won’t break the bank in good ‘ole brick-and-mortar locations around Minneapolis such as: 

Bridal Aisle Boutique (has a yearly week-long sale event in July with designer dresses as cheap as $100!), Andrea’s Vintage Bridal (consignment), Che Bella Boutique ($1,300-$4,000), Flutter Boutique (some styles under $1500, but most $1,500-$4500 with the average dress costing $2,000), Luxe ($-$$$)

-Is Minnesota same sex friendly?

+On June 26th, 2015, the US federally declared that all states must allow same sex marriages and recognize any same sex marriages that occurred outside of the country. However, Minnesota was one of the first states in the US to legalize gay marriage prior to this declaration. 

-How old do I have to be to get married in Minnesota?

+18 years of age, or 16/17 with parental consent or court approval. 

-Where can I get a copy of my certificate of marriage?

+In Minnesota you won’t automatically be sent a copy of your marriage certificate. To request one, make sure to contact your local county office where you applied for your license. (This will cost a small fee.)

-What are the trendiest cities to tie-the-knot in Minnesota?

+Rochester and Minneapolis-Saint Paul are the most popular locations for Minnesotan weddings. 

-Can I get married on Lake Superior?

+Yes! There are many venues available on the shore of the lake to make your special day a Superior day! 

-Where can I find county-to-county information on obtaining my marriage certificate?

+Here you will find an easy resource to find your county’s marriage license laws. And this site is also helpful for finding legalities on Minnesotan marriage. 

-What if I am changing my last name when I get married?

+All adopted surnames must be listed on the license application. If one of the two parties is a convicted felon, there will be a 30 day waiting period for the name change to be approved.


-What months should you avoid getting married in Minnesota?

+Tornadoes are possible between March and November, with June being the peak tornado month.


-What are the best venues to get married in Minneapolis?

+Raddison Blu Minneapolis Downtown, Warehouse Winery, and the Historic Minneapolis city hall are excellent wedding venues to choose in Minneapolis.


-In Saint Paul, where can I buy a wedding dress?

+Wedding Shoppe, Inc., My Darling Bridal, Cristy’s Bridal all have great choices.


-How much would it cost to get married in Minneapolis?

+The average cost of a wedding in Minneapolis is about $22,523


-How many couples tying the knot in the Minnesota area?


+The rate of marriage is well below the average, at 6 couples per 1,000 people.


-What’s the average guest count at a Minnesotan wedding? 


+180 Guests


What’s the average price per guest in Minnesota?

The average cost per guest is $145.


-Do you need a marriage license in Minnesota?


+You need to obtain a marriage license in Minnesota at least five days prior to the wedding day, which expires if you do not use it in six months.


-How do you receive a marriage license in Minnesota?


+You need to submit an application in the city where you want the wedding to take place. Those who live out of state can submit the application to any city clerk. Some information required for obtaining a Minnesota marriage license includes the full name and age of the to-be-weds, current residence, place of birth and whether or not they have been married before.


-What are the marriage requirements for Minnesota?


+Both parties need to be at least 16 years old with parental consent and no blood test is required. You need to provide identification in the form of a state I.D. or driver’s license, and the marriage license fee has to be paid at the same time the application is submitted.


-Do you need a permit to get married in Minnesota?


+Those who want to get married at a wedding venue such as a state park or historic building may need to follow special regulations and get a permit for the event, and special permits may also be required for serving alcohol. 


-How do you change your name after the wedding in Minnesota?


+The appropriate paperwork needs to be filed with the Social Security Administration and Department of Motor Vehicles. To start, a name change application needs to be submitted to your local Social Security Administration office. Once you get a new Social Security Number card, you can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get the name changed on your driver’s license. For this, you need to provide identification and proof of a name change in the form of your marriage certificate.


-Where can I find a wedding dress in Minneapolis?


+ A&bé bridal shop minneapolis, The White Room, and Annika Bridal Boutique. 


-Where can I get a florist in Saint Paul?


+Appleblossom Flowers Wedding Stylists, La Petite Fleur, and Laurel Street Flowers. 


-Where can I get a florist in Minneapolis?


+Artemisia Studios, Luna Vinca, and Lake Harriet Florist. 


-Where can I get a wedding suit in Minnesota?


+Knights Chamber Clothiers, Atmosfere, and Bridal Aisle Boutique. 


-What wedding bakeries are available in Minneapolis?


+Buttercream Wedding Cakes, Enticing Icing Wedding Cake Design Studio, and Thirsty Whale Bakery.


-What wedding bakeries are available in Saint Paul?


+Buttercream Wedding Cakes, P J Murphy’s Bakery, and A Piece Of Cake.


-Where can I get a wedding ring in Saint Paul?


+Apple Valley Diamonds, J A Gerber Jewelers, and R.F. Moeller Jeweler.


-Where can I get a wedding ring in Minneapolis?


+Shane Co., Arthur’s Jewelers, and Knox Jewelers.


-What performers can I hire for my wedding in Minneapolis?


+The Minnesota Orchestra is available for weddings as well as The Wedding Fair™.


-Where can I find a wedding photographer in Saint Paul?


+Jeannine Marie Photography, Bellagala, and Tiffany Bolk Photography. 


-Where can I find a wedding photographer in Minneapolis?


+Becca Dilley Photography, Laura Alpizar Photography, and Brovado Wedding Photography


-Where can I hire a wedding hairstylist in Saint Paul?


+Embeau-MN Onsite/Mobile/Wedding Hair and Make-up Artistry, Patricia’s Hair Studio, and Pin Curl Salon.


Where can I hire a wedding hairstylist in Minneapolis?


Beauty Lounge, WarPaint International Beauty Agency, and Luminous Beauty LLC.


Where can I hire a professional makeup artist in Saint Paul? 


Makeup by Nicole Fae, La’Bella MAFIA, and Onsite Muse Premier Hairstylist & Makeup Artist.


Where can I hire a professional makeup artist in Minneapolis?


Primped LLC, JoAnn M. Romeo Makeup & Skin, and Makeup by Mindie.


Where can I have Save the Date cards printed in Minnesota?


The Print Shop, or at JM Photography LLC. 



-How much can it cost to get married in Saint Paul on average?


+Average wedding costs around $33,391 in Saint Paul.



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