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If you are single like me living in Minnesota and you are probably wondering how  you can get married in Minnesota without a wedding ceremony, you have come to the right place. 

I came up with  some fantastic and amazing ways to do it right  in this post. 

Here are the mandatory marriage requirements :

A marriage license

An officiator

Witnesses and of course the bride, and her groom. 

For moredetails:

 Let ‘s dive straight

Minnesota lake shoreline wedding

Museums wedding

Golf wedding

Biker wedding

Snowshoeing wedding

Skiing wedding

Backyard wedding

Courthouse wedding

#1 Getting married on the Minnesota Lake shoreline. 

Ever heard of 10000 lakes in Minnesota? There are ten thousand ways to get married on the shoreline.

 Imagine taking your vows on the northern Minnesota shoreline of Lake Superior, enjoying the cold breeze or having your first dance while the winds sing you a rhythms. 

How about taking your vows in the boat at the middle of Lake Superior or even Lake MilleLacs? 

Whether summer or winter, the beautiful lake serenity does not disappoint. The blue sky, ocean blue background,calm and untroubled weather will definitely  bring the best out of your day.

 You can still choose to have your traditional wedding gown on,flowers,a cake ans champagne.

The photo shoot will be out of this world. The ocean blue background, the blue skies and it’s even more magnificent if it’s winter if you are a snow lover. 

How about fishing on lake Mille lacs just before or after you sign the papers or having to spend your first night in the cabins or taking your commitment vows at the middle of the lake while boat riding?

check this out this beautiful views

 It’s a great outdoor experience on a special day. 

#2 Museum wedding

Love and science or love and arts. 

This screams elegance, history, chemistry, arts and many more. However, we are unique when it comes to interests. If you are more of a science guy then science and love fits you best, otherwise arts and theatre is your thing. 

Minnesota tops the world with the best museums like the St Paul science museum, historic fort smelling and marine art museum to name just a few. You only need to make arrangements in time, get your license in time and contact the museum officials for a reservation.  Museum lovers have a variety to choose from across Minnesota. 

Marrying is a one-time event and you deserve the best on your special day. Do not hold back what matters to you. 

A photo session, a cake and some wine in the company of some other museum lovers or spectators will go a long way for fun. Generosity is a virtue, share the joy.

Incorporating live theatre for a movie after getting married is a heart blowing idea, a love movie will do just fine. 

#3 Golf Wedding

.If you and your partner are golf lovers then there is no better way to get married than in a golf course, if you golf then it only means you must be a member of some club. The beautiful trees and the greens of the golf area

incorporated with the right decor and sit arrangement that will fit your few guests and flowers (the green will do well with white, yellow or red roses) will bring out the best of nature.

A golf wedding cake and champagne is all you need now and you will be on top of your game. You can never go wrong with this outdoors, you are sure to say “I do” in style.
Minnesota is home to the best golf clubs, a few of the best Minnesota golf course clubs are Olympic hills, Minneapolis golf club and stone Brooke golf club. However, there are so many you can choose from or probably just get married to a club that you are a member of.

#4 Biker wedding

The grand rounds scenic byway, cannon valley trail and root river state, Luce line state trail and Minnesota north woods are among the best bike rides in Minnesota.

Biking is fun outdoor sporting, city hiking and biking, whether you are doing it on trailed pavements or mountain biking, you can do all year round in Minnesota.

The best Part is you have a variety of choices, you may decide to bike in your traditional dress (the ordinals white gown) or some casual wear depending on the season of the year and your style and interest, make sure your guest shares the fun.

Getting married is the real deal (taking the vows and signing the papers). You may choose to take your vows in the pines or at the top of some mountains, you just gotta make your priorities, work with what works best for you both.

Having good company is on your special day helps you relax, you might want to invite a few guests to cycle with you, it’s a good gesture.
A motorcycle biker wedding cake will definitely be worth the event.
Whether you choose to bike on a bicycle or a motorcycle the fun is out of this world.
Make the best out of the biking but make sure not to overshadow the main event.

Remember the most important agenda of the day is getting married and not biking.

#5 Snowshoeing wedding

Winter weddings have always been magical, nothing beats the fun of snowshoeing on your special day.
If you are a snow lover, you might want to start your next lifetime mile by snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing on its own is fun and the joy of officiating a matrimony is at its best while we do what we love..
A good photographer will do justice to the event, red wine and a black forest cake is all you need once you have signed the papers.

The wedding attire again is your choice, a wedding gown, a wedding winter rope or snowshoeing costumes. You are spoil t for choice.

read on where to shop for wedding dress from our  post here:

#6 skiing wedding

Still on getting married and fun sports.
Minnesota is home to the best winter wonderlands. Skiing, tubing, snow mobilizing and snowboarding are some of the best fun sports you might want to include on this special day.

Hyland hills ski chalet, giant ridge, Mount Itasca winter sports and LutSen are some of the top slopes in Minnesota. Lutsen Mountains by the way is the tallest ski slope and it’s best for downhill skiing and has the best terrain park in Minnesota.

If you have always had a fetish for getting married on the Minnesota slopes try skiing, snow mobilizing, tubing or ski running right here in Minnesota.

You must dress to the occasion and still obey the weather, you don’t want to freeze and shine because it’s your special day and end up catching a cold. As fun as it is, your health is your priority.

There are unique and classy attires available in the market that suit the occasion and the weather.

So have a blast while at it.

#7 Backyard

The best thing about getting married in your backyard is that you can customize you. The decor, the arrangement, flowers, the visitors and everything else is handled at the comfort of your home.

You have full control of everything. Familiarity helps ease the tension and therefore you enjoy getting married to the fullest.
The spouses decide when and how to get married.

# 8 Courthouse
Every county in the US has a courthouse, Minnesota is no exception. Some of the popular courthouse in Minnesota are Hennepin county and supreme court house.

The courthouses have venues where you can have the wedding, you only need to make the bookings before the big day and have your license in order close to a week before the big day.

Courthouse weddings don’t have to be boring, you can obviously include a few things you love. If wearing a traditional wedding dress has always been your dream, make sure you have one. Invite people who matter to you, share a meal and probably a dance. It’s all about you and your partner, make the best decisions to make the event special and keep some beautiful memories.

Do you feel like planning a wedding is time consuming and stressful?

Do you want to cut down on the wedding cost?

Do you feel like eloping isn’t for you?

Or are you tired of cohabiting and feel like getting married gives you security, some rights and legalities you are not enjoying now?

We have got you sorted.

Begin your search for a wedding dress or the ever fashionable tuxedo suit from your favorite store. If you got nothing in mind, there are plenty of stores and a variety of items to choose from.For tips on how to plan a wedding without a planner,check this out

Looking good as you profess your love to your partner and make that lifelong commitment is a must, having fun is not an option and having a ceremony is not a must.

The agenda of the day is to get married.

Share with us any other idea you might have or something you feel I have left out in the comment section.





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