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How to get the most out of the twin cities bridal show

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Beautiful wedding dresses worn on mannequin in a bridal show for the brides to choose
Beautiful wedding dresses on mannequins


Marry me in Minnesota brings you tips and tricks for the twin cities bridal show

As to anything that has to do with planning, preparation is key. When the glee of engagement begins to fade, you’re faced with hovers of anxiety: “I need to plan the wedding!” without warning, the long list of decisions that require your attention arises.


Breathe, this is the fun part.


The twin cities bridal show is your contact for all you need for your wedding. This is a chance to encounter everything in person. It is an easy way to meet with a range of wedding services, taste mouth-watery cakes, see beautiful flowers, and find your dream dress and see new ideas and much more.

When it comes to surviving the twin bridal show or any bridal fair– and getting useful information/suppliers from it – The following tips will help you in getting the most out of the show.


Do your research and plan ahead

Number one tip for getting the most out of the bridal show or any show is pre-registering or buying tickets online; you save time getting into the show. Take a look at the list of featured vendors and speakers in advance. Once you’ve created a list of possible favorites, plan to visit those vendors first. This will help you manage your time if you don’t plan on staying all day.


Eat a good breakfast.

Although many shows offer cake, food samples, and other treats, it is still not a meal and you don’t want hunger to interrupt your fun. So have a nice breakfast before you head out.


Dress Appropriately.

The most important tip is that you wear your most comfy pair of shoes! It’s going to be looooong day walking around visiting all the vendors, not the day to wear your 6-inch Louboutins! Next check in advance to see if a coat check service will be provided. If not, dress in layers and stick to a light jacket. Otherwise, it’ll be a long day for someone carrying both a heavy coat and a bag of literature around!


Create a wedding email account.

Provide this email address at the show, and reserve your email address for the professionals you do book. This will help you keep all of your wedding planning information together in one account.


Bring a companion (or two!).

You need someone to bounce ideas off or to save you from making an impulsive decision you may regret later! The big question is who to bring. Your Maid of Honor and/or mother or invite your fiancé, the choice is yours to make, someone has to carry that bag of promotional materials around! Try not to bring too many people, you know what they say about too many cooks!


Avoid bringing children, if possible.

They will tire quickly and be extremely bored. And if your child isn’t cooperating, it will be difficult to focus on both you and the vendor you are speaking with. Hire a babysitter; you’ll be glad you did and your local wedding vendors will be, too.



Please, wear your sticker.

Nearly all wedding expos will provide you with a “Bride” and “Groom” sticker upon arrival. Please wear it as it helps vendors identify who is who in your group. Those wearing their “Bride” sticker? They get the professional’s immediate attention.


Arrive early, go left. Arrive late, go right.

When most brides-to-be enter the exhibition hall, they always go to the right and move back to the left. I don’t know the reason why it just happens that way. So if you arrive earlier in the day, head to the left. You’ll have more time to meet and greet those professionals.


Take notes and pictures.

Bridal shows can be overwhelming, especially when you are just starting. You want to remember who you spoke with and whose services impressed you even if you are not ready to book right away. Most exhibitors are happy for you to take photos of their service, but it is always nice to ask. The more information you have, the easier it is to put you in contact with that company.


Know the basic details of your wedding.

The size of your wedding party, the number of guests you are expecting, the venue or the area you’re considering to use, even the date itself will be helpful information to provide to each professional you meet with. 


Bring a list of questions to ask.

Don’t dash from booth to booth just grabbing business cards and flyers. The idea of a wedding show is to get a feel for the personality of each professional you speak with, so ask them your hardest-hitting questions. The best are there to assist you; they understand you are under no liability to book or buy. 


Have long conversations with vendors during the show.

When the show begins, most of the attendees will head over to watch. This is the best time to circle back to that vendor you want to learn more about. 


Do giveaways.

Yes, nearly all of them are on the up and up, and even if you don’t win, most companies will still offer you an exclusive discount or coupon after the promotion has ended. To avoid writing your contact information over and over again, consider preparing labels with your contact information before you come.


white wedding dress hanging behind with white shoe and the bouquet
Bridal dress, shoe and bouquet


Feel free to ask about possible discounts.

Is your wedding on a weekday? Early morning? Check to see if there are possible discounts for your specific situation. It is already no, if you don’t ask, remember they are all here to help you.


Talk to other brides at the show.

It’s nice to be able to speak to someone that is currently experiencing what you are experiencing. So get friendly, talk to the bride by your side or any bride at the bridal show, you never know what will happen, you might end up as friends.



Take lots of photos.

Feel free to fill your iPhone or Android with pictures of anything that inspires you! You can even take selfies with the vendors you liked meeting! Nearly all vendors are okay with you taking photos, but do politely ask before you snap!


Follow up with companies you’re interested in.

 Professionals that attend bridal shows are confident in their customer service and product so rather than just relying on a website or photos, they are there to speak with brides in person. They want to help you in achieving your dream wedding by providing an excellent service. For the reason that their calendars book up quickly,  so if you are interested in someone that you have spoken to, be sure to follow up with them after the show to schedule an appointment for more information or to secure your date. 


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Make social media connections.

If you’re interested, ask to connect with that wedding pro on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat while at their booth. It’s a great way to make connections without revealing your email or phone number; you can always disconnect from them should you choose to go another direction.


Most importantly of all, have fun!

Have fun with the wedding planning process. The one place where you’re the guest of honor is at a bridal fair. Enjoy the cake and dessert samples! Step in all of the photo booths and take goofy photos with your maid of honor or whoever you invited! And don’t forget to be yourself and try to make connections with the vendors you meet. It’s an opportunity to gain insight into what they are like to work with.


With these tips, you’re sure to have a much more exciting Bridal Show experience! Please share this with anyone who is planning to attend a Bridal Show. Leave a comment down below.




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