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everybody thank you for going back to my channel today I’m so excited to be bringing you guys this video in our new bedroom so we are almost done decorating this room oh joy women to come say hi we’re almost done so this isn’t like the final like how everything’s gonna look but I thought this was a really cute space it’s a beautiful day I wanted to sit in front of the window just chill I thought this video is just a fun chill video so I wanted to like sit on my bed make it really cozy comfortable I’m just kind of giving you guys update just kind of chitchat so what I want to do in today’s video is just give you guys like a timeline of everything that we did two wedding plans so this is like from start to finish the exact timeline like everything we did in chronological order and like everything I’m doing now to prepare for our wedding day and for marriage and right now our wedding is 18 days away so I’m so excited so I’m just about done like we’re finally just about done wedding planning yeah it’s just been so fun but today I’m actually calling it like pretty wedding day because I’m gonna film a bunch of videos I have a whole notebook filled with videos I want to share with you guys all about marriage planning and wedding planning and just kind of where I’m at so stay tuned for even more wedding content for you guys I’m just so thankful and I know that so many of you girls are also getting married this summer and some of you even on the same day as us on June 29th so congrats to all of you and I hope this video is at least just helpful to watch I love to just have videos where I can just like put them on while I’m getting ready or while working out or whatever so I hope this is just a relaxing interesting video to watch so I’m just gonna kind of take you guys through our entire timeline we use resources we used apps we’ve used whereat and just kind of go through every single detail so I guess let’s just go ahead and get started so first thing we did was start talking about our ring like my engagement ring I have an entire video all about that whole entire process how we started talking about it who brought it up first where we got the ring every detail about my ring and Brent’s ring so really ring design was the first thing we did when we started talking about getting very really okay first things first let’s talk about the ring so if you want to see that video I’ll link it right here from you guys so after that was the proposal and then the proposal announcement so I also have an entire video with Brett explaining our proposal and how we plan to own how it all went down with pictures and everything and it was the most beautiful day of my life and I’m just so thankful that he made it so special and then we had to announce it to you guys so I think like in a normal world if I wasn’t like if I didn’t have a social presence I would still want to make like a fun announcement so I think it’s fun just to like make it a big deal because it’s a huge deal so um we had beautiful pictures to announce it to you guys and that was such a fun time we posted at the same time it was just all so exciting but before I really have started any planning we did our engagement photo shoot so that’s just a photo shoot to kind of celebrate the engagement and then those pictures are what you’re going to use on your wedding set website you can use those pictures on your save the dates you can use them for your invites obviously just to post on social media like to celebrate and then to get people excited for the wedding day so I think the engagement shoot is really important ours was beautiful like a year before repre posed I bought a dress for and that engagement shoot I knew I wanted to wear for that shoot and actually have a whole video explaining that I had like so many wedding videos um so I’ll link that down below for you guys as well so definitely try to book an engagement shoot ASAP those pictures are so special and so important because you actually end up using them like all the time the next thing I did was start dress shopping so I kind of started online I started on Pinterest and I bought a bunch of magazines and just kind of checked out what was out there what was available what styles I liked what styles are in right now like what other girls are wearing and just kind of started online and then I’ve logged almost every single wedding a dress store that I went to and I’ve logged like trying them all on so I have wedding just shopping videos for you guys too but that was so fun and I wanted to do it soon so I was so excited and it takes like four to six months to for your dress to ship and then another couple months on top of that for it to be altered so I feel like you should kind of do that early on like I wasn’t rushed in any way but I knew I was just so excited to find like the most beautiful dress I’m ever gonna wear and I found it the first time I went dress shopping so it was such a fun experience so I will link those videos down below for you guys as well so along with wedding dress shopping just for my job and just because of who I am I love to shop so I also looked for like bridal dresses like dresses for the engagements two dresses for like engagement party personal dinner or bridal showers bachelorette party just like fun little white dresses I knew there would be so many little events where I could wear a white dress even I wanted to wear white to like our venue walkthroughs or like our cake tasting or menu tasting like any little meeting that was wedding related I wanted like a cute white outfit for and of course I wanted to find a bunch of things to show you guys so I also along with wedding dress shopping I looked for like bridal dresses to shop for and I found a ton of them and you guys have asked for like a full video on all of the dresses that I got so I am gonna film that for you guys sometime this week probably of like all the little bridal light little cute dresses like casual dresses that I got and even if you’re gonna be like eloping or like you’re on a budget um you could totally wear like a cute little white dress as your wedding dress so there’s so many options like seriously so many and I got so many cute ones so keep an eye out for that video coming soon the next thing that we did was try to find our venue so what we did was kind of just go on google and it wasn’t really working for us like we on Google I feel like we saw like random like hotels and stuff like that that wasn’t really the vibe we were going for is we went on the not and the not website is so useful I can’t tell you guys enough like how much we have used the not website for literally everything my countdown is on the not website everything like that so we’re and the not in search like our area and that’s how we found our venue and it was so easy I had all the contact information and so many pictures on the website it linked to our venues website like it was just all like so easy to find on the knot and then we kind of got lucky because after you find your venue you typically should find like a caterer and all your vendors and your florist and your decorator bla bla bla maybe even a wedding planner but for us all of that was included in our venue so we really got lucky that it’s all kind of like a one-stop shop but otherwise after you find your venue those are all the next steps you’re gonna do so maybe what we did a couple of venue walkthroughs and made sure it was like the perfect space for us and it was like the first time we walked in we were like yes this is it and then we decided on things like our vendors like our deejay our photographer and our videographer all those three vendors are so important to us and we’re so excited with the people that we found so I will leave all of their information down below if you want to research them but we’re so thankful that we got all them and I can’t wait to see all that they do for us on that day it’s gonna be so fun so after we got kind of those like big things out of the way then we had our engagement party which you could probably do a little bit earlier but we decided to do around Christmas time that way like all our families could get together both our families could get together and that worked out for us so don’t forget to celebrate with all your friends and we have an engagement party could literally just be like everyone going to your house for a barbecue it doesn’t have to be anything special and for us that’s what it was we just all went over for Christmas playing a couple like card games and it was perfect and fun and like I’ll never forget like how special was cuz we were celebrating our engagement like how special is that the next thing that we decided to tackle was our website in our guest list so on the night they make it so easy to make a really customized and personal website you can share your story you can put pictures of yourself and you’re like you the bride and groom you can put pictures of your bridal party you can like explain how the whole night will go or how the whole day will go you can put like things to do frequently asked questions you have your guest lists on there you can even have your guests RSVP on your website so the not makes it really easy to like make everything really accessible to you and your guests and then making our guest list so we had kind of started talking about our guest list even before we got before we got engaged so initially we had counted like 60 people like I wanted it we knew we wanted it really intimate but then once we started you know talking to our families and talking to more of our friends a few more people had done and then we ended up inviting about 120 so we knew we wanted to keep it intimate and I have I think it was like in a Q&A video I answered like how we decided on our guesses so I will put that Q&A down below to I’ll link it for you guys you can kind of hear more insight and like how we designed and how we chose our guest list and everyone we chose with just a really special to us and really close to us or at least one of us and like everyone that’s coming we really want there so that was really important to us and that has worked out like I haven’t felt like ooh awkward like I have just go see someone and they’re not invited to my wedding like I haven’t felt that way at all because the people that are invited to inviting are people I see all the time and people I don’t see or invite Nicks I don’t see you know what I mean so I hold my question on the answer video explaining that so the next thing we did was plan our honeymoon and I think was that like a month or so just a research in places we wanted to go and like find the best place for us we’re so excited I’ll share all the details from the honeymoon once through there and once we get back and stuff but for now I want it like to be a surprise so yeah booked your honeymoon ASAP probably like I think like the sooner the better I think you get a better deal if you booked it sooner rather than later and then we send out our save the dates so we sent those out maybe six or seven months in advance I think it was six months I’m not sure who said I’m not like yeah six months in advance was our save the dates and those were so beautiful and for those we used our engagement pictures so those are always just they come in so handy but then we kind of finally were able to start talking about how we want to design with the layout of the reception and the ceremony and how we want it all to look with florals with decor with furniture place setting stuff like that like we really started to figure out like what look we want to go for with that and like colors materials like everything so that was really fun to start planning that out and I actually filmed that too so we filmed like we went to this big warehouse and chose all of our candles and all of our flowers and our chairs our table settings like everything so I filmed that it’s such a cool video that’s such a cool space to go then we did our food and like cake tasting so that was really fun to make sure we liked all the food we chose make sure we liked all the appetizers and really decide like what cake we wanna do and make how we want it to look so Brad and I are just doing a small cutting cake for army and hams like that’s the one we cut and might take a little bind up but for everybody else we’re getting Costco cakes we love Costco cake I mean that was a good easy way for us to save some money and like everyone we’ve told that oh my god I love Costco cake that’s so if you are planning your bridal shower probably plan that then like at that point wants everything else it’s not a plan your bridal shower but my family planned minds that was so nice of em like to start doing that for me like I had nothing to do with my bridal shower except for the guest list but that was so nice of them to do that for me but then we just had to kind of finalize everything so we finalized our design our decor make our final payments we decided on gifts for family and friends it’s hard to order those types of things we designed our signage so we’re gonna have signs everywhere like everywhere from like great when you walk into the venue to the ceremony space the cocktail or the reception like just signs everywhere so everybody knows where to go and it just kind of makes it a little bit more personal and like intimate and special and then we designed our card box from Etsy I showed you guys that in like a wedding day hall I have a whole haul on my channel like random things we got for our wedding day including the card box and like my card like that so that video will be linked on below – I have a whole wedding series so if you just want to go to that playlist and then all those videos are not my wedding series playlist so then there’s a little bit more celebrations so I started to play my bachelorette party maybe three months ago or so and it was just this last weekend so I had a long time to plan that and really make it special for the girls so I have a whole video about my bachelorette party so that will be linked for you guys as well but basically what I did was I planned a photo shoot for me and my close friends because I’m not having a bridal party we decided not to do that we decided not to have a brothel party because we figured that would give us more time the day of and also it would take out extra planning extra cost to us and our friends and take out extra stress that we just don’t mean it so my friends are all gonna be there and celebrate it’s gonna be great but they just don’t have a role that day and we’re so excited that we did it that way but I wanted professional pictures with all my close friends at this time in my life to celebrate and let them know that I’m so thankful for them in their support especially right now so yeah I want to play a photo shoot with all my girls so I just did that and like I planned out what gifts I’m going to get for them or got for them and like I made a lot of custom things for them so yeah I just like really spent a few months planning my bachelorette party because I was making it kind of special for them so the next thing we did was booked our hotels if any guests need to book a hotel make sure they do that make sure they’re on that you can even like get like a block of rooms and everyone can get like a discounted rate so we make sure I can whip up their hotels and then what we did was make the timeline for the weekend of so like I really planned out like to the 30-second mark like how the morning is gonna go how the rehearsal is going to go like how the entire ceremony is gonna go Holly in her cocktail hour is gonna go like who gets pictures at what time and then the entire reception like cake tasting or cake cutting is like 7:00 to 7:00 ten first dance is 7:10 2015 like really we tried to make it like to the tee the timeline and if it doesn’t happen that way it doesn’t happen that way but it made us feel better to know that like okay we have everything planned and if we can follow this list we could follow this time limit we’re gonna get everything done and still have time don’t be in the moment and celebrate so we made like a master list and everybody is gonna have that list already like all our family all our vendors the venue everyone will have this timeline and like everyone’s contact numbers everyone’s role for the day I made like a separate list for the photographer’s like photos I really want them to get obviously they know what they’re doing but little things like I want to make sure I get a picture with joy and then I wanna make sure I get pictures with Julianne while I’m getting ready just like random things like that which they probably wouldn’t overlook anyways but just in case like we work on the list together like shoes or shot we need to get from the photographers and yeah well this is a lot of information you guys oh this next time I’m still excited about and I’m gonna film a whole video on I think Brett might film it with me but we did marriage counseling so or marriage prep is that what it’s called I feel like a lot of married couples I know also did this and I think if you get married in a church then you couldn’t like do marriage counseling at your church but we’re not getting married at church but a pastor is marrying us and we didn’t know him before but we found him he’s amazing we love him so much and he offered to do marriage prep with us so I think we have four like classes with him what a week for four weeks and it was so fun and like made Brett and I just so thankful for each other and so excited that we get to like serve each other and like just it just made us so excited and gave us a really great perspective and it got us talking and turn of conversations that we’ve never started before and it was just amazing like I really recommend finding someone that you really look up to and trust and like respect their opinion and like do a marriage counseling or marriage prep Lynette because it was so cool and he really got us thinking about like the transformation that we’re gonna go through because it is just a huge huge time of transfer so yeah he really focused on that and how special that is and like the union of us and it’s just so cool so we love that and I’ll be making a video on that soon helped some of my family like pick out their dresses and their shoes just like helping people like get like their outfits ready and stuff like that because like my stuff’s better done forever so like if anyone like needed help finding a dress I would help them look online like just one stuff like that me and then both my mom’s my mother-in-law and my mom went dress shopping one day and that was fun just kind of like hanging out with everyone just like getting excited for the day and just like spending time with them was so special so that’s exciting something to do we picked out my wedding band so Brett already has his wedding band but we had to pick out mine so we did that we picked it up it’s beautiful I love it I can’t wait to show it with you share it with you guys and show you guys we’ve got the final gifts we made the Google sheets okay so that’s everything up till now so now what I’m working on is really just tiny details that don’t matter at all but what I’m trying to figure out now is how I want to do my hair so I’m doing my own hair makeup I have a hair and makeup person for other people like my mom and sister and stuff like that like family but I’m doing my own hair and makeup so really why you to do is finalize what curling iron I’m gonna use how I’m gonna do it see how long it’s gonna take me finalized like my lashes that I want to get lash extensions if I want to just glue on eyelash what happens like that like what now color I want to do what nail shape just like random things like about how I look because that’s so fun to me but yeah that’s really all we have to finish finish up some gifts for people and my getting those ready like packed up pretty but pretty much we have everything done it so feels so good to know that everyone’s on the same page everything’s all planned now we just gotta get married and we’re so excited so that is my entire wedding planning timeline Oh Alyssa all down below for you guys and I will link my whole wedding series playlist if you missed any of those videos they’re all in the playlist whoa but thank you for sitting in my room with me having just a girl chat time and I’m just so thankful for you guys I’m so excited for you guys if you’re also getting married thank you guys for all your support and kindness and love all the time I’m so thankful and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye

Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognized union between spouses that establishes rights and obligations between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws.The definition of marriage varies according to different cultures, but it is principally an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually sexual, are acknowledged. In some cultures, marriage is recommended or considered to be compulsory before pursuing any sexual activity. When defined broadly, marriage is considered a cultural universal.

Individuals may marry for several reasons, including legal, social, libidinal, emotional, financial, spiritual, and religious purposes. Whom they marry may be influenced by socially determined rules of incest, prescriptive marriage rules, parental choice and individual desire. In some areas of the world, arranged marriage, child marriage, polygamy, and sometimes forced marriage, may be practiced as a cultural tradition. Conversely, such practices may be outlawed and penalized in parts of the world out of concerns for women’s rights and because of international law. In developed parts of the world, there has been a general trend towards ensuring equal rights within marriage for women and legally recognizing the marriages of interfaith or interracial, and same-sex couples. These trends coincide with the broader human rights movement.

Marriage can be recognized by a state, an organization, a religious authority, a tribal group, a local community or peers. It is often viewed as a contract. Civil marriage, which does not exist in some countries, is marriage without religious content carried out by a government institution in accordance with the marriage laws of the jurisdiction, and recognised as creating the rights and obligations intrinsic to matrimony. Marriages can be performed in a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting via a wedding ceremony. The act of marriage usually creates normative or legal obligations between the individuals involved, and any offspring they may produce. In terms of legal recognition, most sovereign states and other jurisdictions limit marriage to opposite-sex couples and a diminishing number of these permit polygyny, child marriages, and forced marriages. Over the twentieth century, a growing number of countries and other jurisdictions have lifted bans on and have established legal recognition for interracial marriage, interfaith marriage, and most recently, gender-neutral marriage. Some cultures allow the dissolution of marriage through divorce or annulment. In some areas, child marriages and polygamy may occur in spite of national laws against the practice.

Since the late twentieth century, major social changes in Western countries have led to changes in the demographics of marriage, with the age of first marriage increasing, fewer people marrying, and more couples choosing to cohabit rather than marry. For example, the number of marriages in Europe decreased by 30% from 1975 to 2005.

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