PLAN WITH ME | July 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

everyone is nano welcome back to my channel you guys know the deal already I’m coming at you with another plan with me video we’re gonna be setting up our bullet journals for the month of July I had to think about that for a second yes July I’m ready to sit down and get planning especially because I just started a new notebook so it feels like a fresh start by the way I think the video of me moving into my new journal it’s up already so I will link that above as well as below if you haven’t checked that out yes before we get started I just like to give a quick thank you to today’s sponsor at school shirt you guys know Skillshare is such a big friend to my channel they’ve been longtime supporters and they make it possible for me to put out weekly content like this for you guys so I will talk a little bit more about them later and why they’re so awesome but without further ado get your snacks if you’re not going to be planning with me your notebooks pens anything you need and let’s do this so as usual I asked you guys over on my YouTube community tab page what theme you would want to see me do for July and actually for the past couple of months people have been requesting that I do a under the sea fish type of theme so I decided to take that challenge for July and that’s what we are doing this month the color palette is a little bit unique I feel like I don’t normally go for such contrasting colors but I thought it was very fitting for the scene it’s this dark navy blue which is the Crayola super tips and then this sort of orangey coral color and the marker for that is a zebra multi nur as usual I’ll link all of the supplies ideas down below but I’m using these two markers to create very simple fish shapes the doodles this month are really easy to make so for those of you who always ask me to do like simpler themes to doodle I think this would be perfect for you even though the actual doodles are relatively simple to make I mean the fish shapes are just like ovals or circles or almond shapes with some tails and fins on it I think the overall design makes it look more complex since we alternated between the two colors I also threw in a couple details with my white gel pen on top to showcase the scales of the fish as well as some waves in the overall pattern so I think this turned out really cute I like the pop of color and the abstract illustrative vibe and I had a lot of fun with it because typically with my doodles on my cover page I would use a fine liner but with this I decide to keep it with only the two markers and I think the reason why this still works is because out of the two colors that I chose I have a darker shade and a slightly lighter shade so I sometimes used the dark navy to add some details on top of the orange almost acting like a fine liner but it’s still kept with the overall color palette on the other side of the spread I did a quote page and the quote that I’m using this month is just keep swimming I had to we couldn’t do a fish theme without some sort of Finding Nemo reference so of course I had to use the iconic Dory quote and around it I actually created this sort of brief or a fish wreath and I did the fish swimming in a circle so it also you know goes with the actual quote and then since there was some space above and below this I decided to add in some washi tape you guys know how much I love washi tape and recently I’ve been really having a lot of fun playing around with it and using it in my bullet journal it’s especially useful for pages like this where you don’t know what – doodle or add-on you know just throw in some washi tape and you’re good to go but the washi tape that I use is so perfect for this it’s from Muji I believe but it has this wave pattern almost like a scale on it and I also threw in this matching washi tape that I had that was kind of like a coral color and it was almost like a water marble effect as well again perfect for the fish theme all right so moving on to my monthly calendar layout the format that I decided to go with this month is just a regular rectangle nothing too fancy the only thing that I did was to round the corners of the box I mean you guys know I like to do this a lot anyways but I think for this theme especially there’s a lot of rounded boxes and headers and stuff just because I thought it went perfectly with the fish theme like bubbles I don’t know that’s where my mind was going and if you’re curious about the grid spacing for this calendar each individual box is five by five as you can see for the font I decided to do this tall and skinny all caps type of lettering you’ll see me use this a lot throughout the month and I decided to use a thicker fine liner to do that lettering just so it stands out on top of the coral since the coral color is a little bit on the medium side so if I used a thinner fine liner on top of that I don’t think the lettering would have stood out as much next to my calendar I have my usual youtube growth tracker my monthly focus and I used the same style of like the rounded rectangles I actually added drop shadows but I decided I didn’t like it I know guys who am I usually I add drop shadows on everything and you know that about me but I figured for this one it just didn’t go with it so I decided to cover the drop shadow up with some washi tape just cuz I didn’t know how else to fix it but I actually liked the accent that the washi tape gave so kind of worked out in the end but yes I was very shook that I didn’t like the drop shadow I don’t even know who I am anymore but anyways finished off this spread with a bunch of fish doodles swimming from the corners of the pages which I thought brought everything together oh and I also added in some more washi tape the next birds that I’m doing are of course my trackers first up is my habit tracker and I wanted to keep things pretty consistent throughout this whole month so I used that same tall and skinny all caps font but with my coral marker and I kept everything the same with the rounded rectangle so that it looked really similar to the calendar layout and for the headers of the habit trackers I alternated between the Navy and the coral I actually love this color combination so much I discovered how much I loved it as I was doing this month but I think it’s just so nautical and I mean they are complementary colors technically so it makes sense that they go together really well but I also think the specific shades of blue and coral that I used are perfect because they’re a bit more muted and not as saturated so it doesn’t look too crazy with like orange and blue all over the place so yeah very pleased with this this color scheme oh and just as a fun side note since I alternated the colors of the headers I think what I’ll be doing is when I’m filling out these trackers I’ll make sure to coordinate the marker that I use to fill in the little boxes to the actual header color so overall it’ll just be very alternating between the orange and the blue all right for my mood tracker I am so excited for this one I think it is the cutest so I started out by drawing a bunch of these fish these are literally like the fish that you drew when you’re a kid like this simple shape but the reason why I’m leaving them empty on the inside is because we’re gonna be filling them in as the month goes along but instead of doing it how I normally would where I would determine a specific color to represent a mood I did it so that a pattern would represent a mood since I had been doing the fish doodles and filling them in with like scale patterns and whatnot I thought this would be a fun way to switch it up so as you can see here I’m doing it so that the happy mood has this scalloped pattern and the sadder ones have horizontal and vertical stripes obviously you can do whatever pattern you want but I think it’s just something a little bit different to try out for it this next bed y’all know this is my favorite one to create I just have so much fun making these every single month and it is my monthly music favorites slash playlist spread I have a lot of great song suggestions for you guys this month I’ve been listening to so many new great songs on repeat and I can’t wait to share them with you and I’m going to be linking down below a Spotify playlist with all of these added on just in case you want to check them out and listen to them but back to the actual spread for the header I did this sort of block of pattern using the blue and the orange marker and I used the washi tape to mask it off so I could have a clean line and then around it I actually cut my washi tape into thinner strips and created this washi tape border around it as usual I printed out the album covers for each of the songs and I cut them out into little squares that were going to be pasting on to the spread the glue tape adhesive that I used I think is from tombow I love this little roller thingy it’s a lifesaver for attaching things to your bullet journal so convenient but for the actual layout I didn’t really do anything fancy I kept in line with the whole rounded rectangle thing that I had been doing for this whole month and then I just pasted the album cover within it and wrote the song title under it let’s get in to these song suggestions the first artist actually takes up that whole top row it’s just because each song got released as an individual single so they all had their own album artwork but the artists name is we we as in yes yes in French I discovered her recently and I have been playing her songs on a repeat I love them so much like all of them are so great they’re perfect if you like chill vibes these specific songs that I really love are thinking about you you know about a bomb we’ll be all right also all of the album artwork for each of her songs is so beautiful I just think she’s so underrated so definitely go check her out and give her some love the next song is called and new by ID I discovered this on a whim through going on like a Spotify loop and it is so groovy a little bit like 80s synth I love it it’s very catchy speaking of catchy this next song has been stuck in my head for the past couple of weeks it’s Bible four and it’s Bom it’s just the cutest song and you can’t not smile when you listen to it next we have some new red velvet my favorite off of their new album is sunny-side up on to the last row if you follow me on Instagram then you probably recognize this album or work right here because I’ve shared it a couple times I love this song so much it is definitely the definition of my summer 5 it’s called Voyager by stella j-jane featuring plane i don’t know if that’s how you pronounce it but again I discovered it when I was going on Spotify radio recommendation loop I go on those a lot and that’s how I discover a lot of my music next we have the new BTS world original soundtrack my favorite one is by RM Suga and it’s featuring juice world it’s called all night definitely a Bop and lastly we have some new 80s the whole album is great but my favorite off of the album is just the title track called wave anyway so those were my song suggestions for the month I’m gonna leave them in a Spotify playlist linked down below in case you want to check them out but now moving on to the spread next to it I decided to do a brain dump page there’s a lot of things happening in my life right now that I cannot wait to tell you guys about I’ve been working a lot on some things projects I know it’s annoying that I can’t say exactly what it is yet but trust me when I can tell you you guys will be the first to know but because there’s so much happening in my work life and in my personal life I’ve just been needing a place for me to spew out the contents of my brain so we are bringing back the brain dump I know I haven’t been doing it for the past couple of months but this month I really felt the need to do it for the title I did the same sort of kind of block of color with the washi tape border except I did a wave pattern and I just used my white marker on top of this to write out the title we have arrived at the first weekly spread or July and I decided to do a Dutch door spread but I did something a little bit funky as you can see instead of cutting the Dutch door flap into a straight line I actually did it in a wavy pattern to go with the under the seat theme and I don’t know why I thought of this but I was just kind of going with it and I love how it turned out I basically had to trace out the wave pattern ahead of time and then I flipped it on both sides to make sure to outline it so that it’s lined up whenever I flipped it I hope this makes sense but I basically wanted it so that no matter which side the flap it is is on the wave pattern would look the exact same so I did have to create this wavy stripe a couple times on all four sides of the Dutch door spread but yeah sorry that was probably very confusing but I divided out the days of the week half and half on all sides put the titles on top of the coral border and I just think it’s so so cute like you could literally end it here and it would be done but obviously I had some sidebars to finish so on the Left sidebar I have the July title and on the right sidebar I have my weekly events I kept these all pretty simple just because I think the main focus is the wavy pattern of the Dutch door spread the only thing I really added in at the end were some fish doodles in that empty bottom space in the left corner honestly this might be one of my all-time favorite weekly spreads that I’ve ever done I love love the way that this turned out I mean as it is I do love Dutch door spreads because it allows you to have more planning space you basically get like half of a page to plan which i think is great but yeah super cute and fun and I felt very crafty doing it all right everyone before I show you the final slip through of my July bulletin all set up I’d like to take this time to quickly talk a little bit about scale share and why they’re so awesome you guys don’t know what scale share is they’re an online learning community with thousands of classes and design illustration business whatever you want I’m sure they have a class for you there and amongst all those classes is also my own class so if you guys didn’t know I do have my own exclusive skill share class all about creative journaling so if you want more content from me definitely go check that class out not only do I teach there but I actually also use the platform to learn probably one of the classes that I’m doing is called a comprehensive guide to hand lettering by Aaron marinovitch and it’s been super awesome I’ve been learning a bunch of new hand lettering styles Premium Membership to skill sure gives you unloaded access to all of those high-quality classes so you can improve your skills learn something new that you’ve always wanted to learn and just have fun and Skillshare is also one of the more affordable learning platforms out there an annual membership starts as low as $10 a month we love affordable learning but anyway I really do recommend Skillshare I love their whole platform and what they stand for so if you guys want to try it out for yourself I’m gonna leave a link down below for a free two-month trial thank you again it’s a skill trip we’re sponsoring this video and for always being a huge supporter to the channel ok so here is the final flip through of my fish themed under the sea whatever you want to call it july 2019 bullet journal set up actually fun fact I’m allergic to fish so the fact that I’m doing this theme is hilarious but I really really love the way this one turned out and I can’t wait to create some more at weekly spreads using this theme throughout the bottle I close off this video it’s time for my favorite part the part where I get to show all of your beautiful recreations from last month which was June’s bullet journal setup look at them they’re so beautiful as usual if you guys want to send me any recreations of my bullet journal spreads whether it be from this month’s video or previous month be sure to send them to me and tag me on Instagram you have to tag me in the caption and the photo for me to see them and you can also use our hashtag little doodles because we are the little toodles but yes I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with I’m sure they’re gonna be amazing but anyway I feel like I’ve been talking a lot now so I’m gonna wrap things up be sure to click that Bell button down below if you don’t want to miss a new video from me keep doodling and I will talk to you guys in my next video bye everyone

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