WEDDING Q&A | Advice for Brides, Planning, Budgeting & All About our Big Day!

hello guys I know it has been a while since I have uploaded over here it is because I just got married and it was on my honeymoon I’m actually a little bit sick so you can kind of tell my my voice if I’m like out of breath or like coughing at all nasally I apologize um so today I wanted to do a video all about my wedding day I wanted to answer any questions you guys have for me about my wedding day how it went any advice that I would give for future brides where if you’re in wedding planning mode right now you know how things went and I have done a ton of wedding planning of videos over on my vlog Channel if you guys have missed that you can go see my whole wedding planning playlist over there I will have a link in the description but I basically share every step of the way from picking my venue to going to appointments sharing hauls of things that I’ve ordered for the wedding you guys can see all of that over there so if you have missed any of those videos go check that out I also uploaded a behind-the-scenes kind of video of me getting ready on the day of the wedding it was like a little behind the scenes of the day we’ll be posting my official wedding video like that’s shot from the videographer on this channel I think I’m gonna do just other videos like split it up on my blog and here but I want to do the highlight video over on this channel my main channel you have not seen any of those please go check them out you can see I mean I will be sharing some pictures a little bit in this video I think but you guys can see like my dress and how I got my hair done and just yeah a whole like a little behind-the-scenes of the day whatever my my friend’s films for me that day they just like had the camera and just would like take a little clips so I’m gonna jump into your questions you guys have set me over so many questions I don’t know how many I’m going to be able to answer but I’m going to do my best and if you guys do have any other questions and you want to leave them in the comments or message me like on end gram or comment on my Instagram if I did not answer your question please let me know I will try to do my best to answer as many as I can so honee xxoo asked what was your favorite part of the wedding honestly just everything the entire day I feel like the biggest thing for me and Anthony was just feeling the overwhelming amount of love that day and just knowing that everyone was there for us and I will get into like a little bit of some advice that I have for you guys just the day of but yeah I feel like the my favorite part of the day was just like honestly the love if does that even count like feeling the love the day of like I don’t really know if that counts like my favorite part but I mean honestly I would say that and also the moment that the barn doors opened I got married in a barn outside I have pictures for you guys on my Instagram if you want to check that out and you can check out the venue I will have all of my vendors listed below as well but we got married in this barn outside and as soon as they opened up the doors and I saw him that moment right there like that was undescribable it was just amazing probably one of my favorite parts of the wedding but I mean I could literally just say the whole day and all the love that I felt what did your dad say when he saw you in your wedding dress for the first time he just smiled started to tear up and he just said Wow and then I actually when he started to tear up I said hold on I have something for you and I gave him a little handkerchief I gave my mom and my dad a handkerchief and they both had like a nice little I’ll try to post a picture right here my mom holding hers but I gave my dad his and he just started crying and I was hugging him and it was just such a special moment probably one of the first times I’ve seen my dad cry a very very long time uh I just I want to I want to relive it all over again a lot of people were asking did Anthony cry when he saw me honestly I feel like maybe he teared up he told me he teared up a little bit seeing like Bella walk down the aisle in front of me his daughter he said that you did get a little teary eyed but no he didn’t cry and I did tell him I was like I really really want you to cry but he’s like if I don’t cry like don’t be upset like I just there was just the biggest smile on his face and I could just tell he was like looking at me up and down I rewatched the video because like there’s an iPhone video of me walking down the aisle my aunt took it so I just rewatched that a lot but yeah kind of like shows me and then pans over to him and you could just see like he was just smiling the whole time so was I like we just the lock dies and I never like looked around I just had my eyes on him the whole time walking down the aisle so he did tear up a little but no he didn’t like cry and I didn’t cry either and I actually was so surprised that I held it together walking down the aisle I was super super nervous and a lot of people were asking me like were you nervous so I’ll get that out of the way because there were so many people asking me like how was I the day of so I was pretty calm in in the morning I felt like fine I was eating which is another thing I was really worried that I wasn’t gonna like eat or anything and that my friends are gonna be like come on Maggie got to eat but I did he I had like half of a bagel a little bit of fruit I had some yogurt I think that’s one of the biggest things is make sure you eat the day of even though you don’t feel like you can you’re too nervous it’s so important because the day is so long and by the time you’re like done your pictures and everything you’re gonna be sitting down for dinner and that’s gonna be the first thing you put in your body so like I just would definitely recommend make sure you eat and I did it was so much more calm in the morning and then leading up to me doing my makeup and getting in the limo to leave that is when I was the most nervous I got a little anxious and I’ll talk about how little bit of like my skin issues leading up to the wedding oh my god it was a disaster but I was a little nervous doing the makeup because I did have a lot of breakouts that I had to cover I had this huge cyst on my forehead which I now have a scar from I also have a scar in between the middle of like my like the bridge or my nose or in between my eyes I have a scar now but I had really bad acne that I needed to cover so I was a little stressed about that and also I’m doing my own makeup so I didn’t really put it on someone else didn’t do my makeup it was a little bit I felt a little bit more under pressure the day of because of that but I feel like the moments that I was the most nervous was in the limo and you could tell from the behind-the-scenes vlog in the limo I was just so nauseous and just it was just all nerves and butterflies I wasn’t nervous to marry him it’s just you’re just nervous the day of like you just want everything to be perfect you want everything to go right I was nervous with the ceremony mainly so I was nervous in the limo and then I was also really nervous and like jittery before I walked into the bar like when I was walking outside with my dad about to go into the barn and walk down the aisle that’s what I was the most nervous um but yeah other than that after the ceremony I was just so happy so just like carefree like I just like that was it like the ceremony was done I had nothing else to worry about and I will get into one thing that went wrong the day of I will explain all that as well because I got a lot of questions about like did anything go wrong I was talking about that – I’m sorry I’m like all over the place right now kentrell Kendra can we see a close-up of your ring so I don’t know if you guys will be able to see but this is the rings I have – I have two bands I picked them out and of course Anthony picked my ring but blue eyed Queen 2014 said what were your first thoughts after seeing Anthony on the other end of the aisle I was just so happy I just was overjoyed so happy and just my thoughts were like this is it like we’re doing this like this is the day that I’ve been dreaming of yeah Gabby v21 said do you regret not hiring a wedding planner so I did not have a wedding planner I basically did all of the planning myself with the help of my mom my mom did a lot and of course Anthony helped him as well but I did pretty much everything on my own Mena’s me of course agreed on like the color scheme and we like picked out like what we wanted are like bridesmaids and groomsmen where we picked our florals together which I mean I kind of like had an idea before I have everything on Pinterest but yeah we did I did everything on my own which was a lot looking back do I regret it like a part of me kind of wishes that I had someone to help throughout the way just to like relieve some of my stress because you know all the phone calls all the meetings you know everything’s like on you like you pretty much are doing it all if you don’t have a planner I also got asked by had a day off coordinator I did not have a day of coordinator I mainly just made jobs like for like my sister and like my friends were there like every step of the way to help me like I need this I need this I need my I need you to call my hairstylist like to give me touch-ups like I heard of my friends did so much for me my bridesmaids but I also had two girls at the venue and I have to give a shout out to Shannon and Shannon if you’re watching this I love you you were amazing I cannot say enough good things about just a job well done you did so amazing and you seriously calmed me so much the day of she’s pretty much been with me every step of the way as far as the venue’s concerned so she was kind of like my day of girl there through the whole ceremony and reception at the venue so like I didn’t have a planner throughout the whole planning process but I did have two girls Shannon and current at the venue and Shannon was working with me from the so I have to give a shout out to her but they did amazing both of them they were there every step of the way and then she hadn’t actually helped me with something that went wrong the day of which I was so grateful for her for because I almost had a little bit of a meltdown but yeah long story short do I regret not having a planner I would say no like I don’t regret anything it would have been helpful but I don’t think it’s necessary to spend your money on a planner because you really can do it all yourself Lindsey the best said did you say your own personalized vows or ones by the priests I did get a lot of people asking about our vows if we wrote vows to each other or like how we set bail so we just did like traditional vows like with I Megan take you Anthony to be my husband bah bah bah like that was it was a traditional Roman Catholic I am Catholic so I was Anthony a lot of people asked did we regret not getting married in the church I kind of talked all about this but we really wanted to get married in the church and we had a lot of issues with it they were super strict and because Anthony was previously married I go into all detail about this in a blog so again that’s on my wedding playlist if you want to know like what happened throughout the process but because Anthony was married before he had to get an annulment and we were in such a short amount of time like I think 11 or 10 months planning it ever since we changed like our date so when we were talking to the church about it they really couldn’t tell us anything regarding our ceremony they couldn’t tell us what time they couldn’t tell us like how it would go nothing until he got his annulment so it was just a lot of stress on me like I just wanted to like solidify the ceremony and how things were going to be and I couldn’t really do any of that and also with like florals and stuff they’re just very strict it was just a lot of the unknown and waiting for the annulment so it just didn’t work out within the time period that we had you know for our wedding so we ended up getting married at our venue in the bar and it was a religious ceremony we did have a priest he did an amazing ceremony and we were so happy with it I don’t regret not getting married in the church we are going to get our marriage blessed by the church so that is something we are going to do but I loved our ceremony and I would not have changed anything Emily bemy 17 said was there anything that went wrong that you thought would totally jeopardize the wedding so like I said there was and I will just tell you guys a story now there was something that went wrong and that I was unhappy with but no it didn’t jeopardize the wedding at all it wasn’t anything like too serious like us not bringing our marriage license and not being able to have a ceremony like it wasn’t anything like that basically my florals were all messed up I actually wasn’t super happy and again this is just like you guys might look at my floral pictures and stuff and you might be like oh my god they’re gorgeous what are you talking about so I will explain my florals weren’t gorgeous but there were multiple things that were completely wrong so my bouquet I wasn’t happy with there were actual like pieces that I broke off like literally just cut off before walking down the ceremony literally within like five minutes of me walking I was cutting things off my bouquet that I did not like at all I don’t know what it was but it was not what I asked for um I feel like she didn’t listen to me as much and I said like over and over again this is one advice that I would give as far as florals now not all florists are the same but I do believe that florists kind of had the mind of their own and they like to kind of do their own thing and they’re like oh this will look really pretty I was so specific on what I wanted like I literally it was down to like I don’t want any roses I want these specific flowers I want this and nestled in like I was so specific on what I wanted as far as my cake my cake I don’t even know what the florals were on my cake now the pictures that you guys saw was it fixed Shannon actually called my florist as soon as I walked in then you install my cake I was like what the heck is this it was nothing that I asked for and I hated it I know hates a strong word but when you have expectations and when you pay a certain amount of money for something you expect that like you have expectations right so I saw the cake I was so disappointed and Shannon called and had them come and redo it redo the florals and it was beautiful after they did it I loved it but again I asked specifically and I showed her pictures I had a whole Pinterest board literally Pinterest board of florals for my wedding another thing was that Anthony now this is just getting like I could just tell you my florals were messed up that was it I’m just gonna go into detail Anthony asked specifically that his boutonniere my dad’s and his dad’s would all be the same and the groomsmen would be a little bit different the boutonnieres were all the same none of them were distinguished between the groom the fathers or the the groomsmen so that was pretty disappointing because we asked specifically that we wanted his veneers to be slightly different I mean he’s the groom like that just makes sense right um another thing was and Lauren I wasn’t crazy about the florals she also got like the mantel all messed up like I don’t even know what was on there and honestly looked like florals that should be on a casket I’m being really harsh but again I was just really disappointed everything else was like beautiful like the centerpieces were gorgeous I loved the centerpieces all the girls bouquets gorgeous I loved I asked for and I’ll show you guys pictures I asked for like a big kind of like Garlin like big greenery garland kind of hanging off my sweetheart table which would be repurposed or like flip so it would be hanging on the mantel in the barn and then repurposed to the sweetheart table kind of something like this kind of something like this like kind of hanging off the sweetheart table not specifically these florals but you know what I mean by like the greenery kind of on the sweetheart like a big like Garland like a big garland and like hanging off my sweetheart table that is what I asked for it that is not what I got at all I got this like weird kind of bouquet that we ended up having to put on the floor in front of our sweetheart table and we had fake flowers on her sweetheart table now no one would have known any of this and they would have thought oh it’s beautiful but again it’s not what I asked for so I was really upset about that I really wanted these big and we had like lanterns and it would have looked so beautiful like on our sweeter table we had the mr. and mrs. and I wanted it kind of like behind the mr. and mrs. sign kind of flowing down the sweetheart table it’s supposed to be in the barn on the mantle fireplace big garland draping I did not get that so long story short that was the only thing that went wrong the day up was my florals I’m still really disappointed in that I ended up having like you know three in-person meetings with her like five phone calls you know it was I called her like the week of my wedding I was like making sure she had everything correct and a lot of it was wrong so I was that was the biggest disappointment I’m gonna complain just because originally we did have our florals to be cheaper than they actually were because we made a lot of changes and we ended up doing more with the centerpieces so I feel like for the amount that we paid and what we asked for we did not get that so that was the only thing that went wrong the day of now I said like I had a little bit of a meltdown and I was upset about it and pissed off but I said multiple times I was like if this is the only thing that has gone wrong I’m okay with it I’m okay with it it’s fine it’s not the end of the world you know everything still looks gorgeous everything still looks beautiful certain things weren’t we asked for so but no it didn’t jeopardize the wedding it didn’t jeopardize the day it was fine and she a negated the rescue and had her change my cake which thank freakin God she did because I was so happy with it after it was fixed Lexx been 28 said did you take anthony’s last name what made you decide to change names or not yes I did take Anthony’s last name I am now Megan Lee Morrison a lot of people think my name my last names Lee but it’s actually crow sorry my throat was like killing me um my last name was crow and now it’s Morrison so Megan Morrison um I actually am in the process of changing my name officially but yes I did take his name and it wasn’t really any question I knew I wanted to take his name I do kind of think like oh should I be Megan Crowe Morrison but I just decided to keep Megan Lee Morrison because my middle name is like on a lot of my business stuff like I really go by Megan Lee I don’t go by my last name so I just figured I would keep Megan Lee and change my name to Morrison one thing I can say because a lot of people are asking about like pricing for venues one thing I can say is that pricing does vary obviously from vendor to vendor but also it varies from like the month and the season you get married so one thing was we actually got a really good deal with multiple of our vendors because we were having a winter wedding and it was February February is not a very popular month I don’t think and it’s kind of like offseason which now I feel like with wedding season it’s all year long because so many people are having winter weddings now but we got really great deals on multiple of our vendors like our deejay we got a great deal because it was February our venue itself we got a good deal and we got like a different winter package which was discounted and then for our florals it was also different with like what I specifically wanted now I could have been the season and the florals that they had because of the season but I also asked for specific flowers and like my flowers I guess didn’t cost as much as like some flowers that would be in the summertime you know what I mean I think you just buried on like what was in season but yeah that’s one thing that I can say is that vendors did discount or have different pricing for different seasons at least from where I am and the others around me that was a great perk for having a winter wedding because it was kind of like off-season a lot of people are asking questions about was this dress worth it do you regret stressing as much as you did I don’t again I don’t regret anything but looking back the day was so perfect and I feel like all of my stress and hard work paid off I think that’s the only thing I would say I feel like it paid off I feel like I did everything I could to make the day perfect within the power I had planning it myself I think I went a little bit crazy with the stress and you know all the moments that I was like crying about things and feeling so overwhelmed yeah I probably was being a little dramatic the day ended up being beautiful and amazing who’d I have not stressed as much probably but my hard work paid off and that is that is all I can say about that who cried Bella mom Mackenzie you and I feel like we all cried at some point or another throughout the day Bella I don’t know if she cried at all I think if anything she was so incredibly happy and excited the whole day like constant smile on her face my mom of course cried she try been and give her her gift she cried and I was walking down the aisle my sister did they also cried like so in the video which you might see I read the letter that Anthony gave me the day up so we did exchange letters and everyone in the room was crying man all my bridesmaids my mom my dad were in the room and they were all tearing up and crying and I was crying too I don’t think the Anthony read my letter on camera like I think well he read my letter but didn’t read it out loud but I read his out loud we were kind of like back and forth on if we wanted to read it out loud and I kind of wish that he did but the videographer like I told him that I didn’t want him to and then by the time the videographer got to me to read it I was like I guess I’ll read it out loud so we do have Anthony’s letter that I read on camera just a mo EXO asked how did Anthony react when he first saw you in your dress and how and and was it how you expected um do you have a second can you come answer a question Thanks oh did Anthony react when he first saw you in her dress and was it how you expected no I guess this is asking for me yeah that’s okay but will do I already explained like how I felt so I’m gonna just ask you what did you think when you first saw me and was my dress as you expected it okay well that goes hand in hand because what was the first thing I told you about my first so as soon as I walked up to the aisle he said what did you say you were like this is exactly what I pictured your dress to look like I told you that he literally said to me it was probably like what a week or two before the wedding oh yeah he was like I feel like your dress is gonna be like lace with like beading he said holding off the shoulder with lace sleeves yeah you said like embroidery or whatever and then um you said how did you say the back was gonna look like a I don’t know like a Shroff back whatever you call it yeah low back or what aback yeah but he literally described it like to a tee like he thought I saw it I was like did you see she didn’t say it beneficient me to think that I was right but she asked me afterwards yeah that I’d go her phone and see like no what did you think when he first saw me everyone was asking did you cheer up did you cry I said that you teared up a little bit a little bit what did you think what do you mean I told you my first lovin wow it looks exactly like a hollow yeah but like what was your thoughts like when I was walking on the aisle anything you want sure he looks good digging so extravagant well like I said like I like as I was walking down the aisle I felt like wow like this is it this is happening this is like the moment I’ve dreamed of yeah it was awesome I wasn’t turned over thing I was just enjoying it my first thought was wow that just looks exactly like I thought it would look yeah so you weren’t surprised at all no was surprised yeah okay I know I was happy that you had your hair the way I wanted that my hair okay let me tell you this one thing he was so particular about how he wanted my hair to look like when I did my second hair trial first of all the first hair child like he wasn’t crazy about because it’s pretty much how I wear my hair all the time these two pieces in the front half up half down when I went for the second time I did more of like those like a vintage waves which you could kind of see and I didn’t do it super dramatic but I had like half of my hair up on the side you guys will see pictures and kind of like the waves but I had my hair kind of pulled like back on one side and then more on this side and when he saw pictures of me after my hair trial he’s like I want your hair to look like that like I want it to look exactly like that when you’re walking down the aisle like are you sure you’re doing that I was like yeah but you kept saying over and over again like no like I want one hair on the guy like that like he was so particular not have anything else not about my makeup not about the dress like he was so particular about how he wanted my hair walking on out so I was sure cuz it was I bet it’s my favorite with you dear yeah like every time I wear my hair like that he’s like oh I just love your hair like that I just it’s my favorite future so anyways I had my hair like on one side when I walked down the aisle and I pretty much had it like that during all the pictures but he just yeah he was happy about that Fox princess 9 2 2 8 8 said what song did you walk down the aisle to in our ceremony we had all instrumental music playing and I will share with you guys some of our music in the description I’ll also share what our first dance was the the song I danced to my dad with you guys will see a lot of that in the videos to come but I will share it with you guys if you’re interested so I actually walked to Ed Sheeran perfect but it was instrumental by Daniel Jiang and it was a violin and then Anthony actually walked into flashlights which was it’s by Jessie J but instrumental Brooklyn duo and my bridal party with the parents walked into Brooklyn duo again which is like a piano and cello theirs was love me like you do by ellie goulding and i love love love that song but yeah I walked to perfect they walk to love me like you do but again it was all instrumental you guys can check them out and I also have I believe I have like my wedding playlist on Spotify if you want to check that out as well Stace eight to four sets something you really appreciated your bridesmaids doing the day of little things I would just say like making sure that like I had water that I you know felt okay if I needed any food also like reapplying my lipstick or like my lip gloss making sure they had that on hand because I didn’t carry around a purse I know a lot of people are asking that as well like did you carry a little purse did you carry something the day up I didn’t carry anything it’s also I also couldn’t carry tissues or anything like in my dress because I know like I could have put it washed I couldn’t put it in mine because mine actually had like in an illusion neckline so there was like kind of like a netting I don’t know what you would call it but it’s like an illusion so there’s no way that I could have hid tissues or anything unless I put them in my flowers but yeah they kind of were just they’re like touching things up for me asking if I needed anything it’s just the little things you know like you’re so like in the moment not thinking about a lot so the fact that they’re they’re like hey Meg what do you need do you need anything do you need water do you need this that helped a lot and also retouching on my lips making sure that like my hair looked okay my dress looked okay in the pictures Mackenzie my sister was there like readjusting my dress that’s one thing like for your maid of honor or whoever’s closest to you and like the pictures make sure that they are there to adjust your dress sometimes your photographer will do it for you but it does help to have your girls just on hand and know to like fix your dress fix your train for your pictures but again like for your photographers and stuff usually that will do that for you but during the ceremony I know my sister like held my flowers and was fixing my dress anytime that I was like walking or came back to the altar I would just say leave little things I got making sure that I was okay and I looked on point SM Williams said did you use a planner to plan your wedding if so could you mention where you got it I used the Erin Condren planner they actually have a timeline in the planner which is mainly what I used it goes through like every single month of what you’re supposed to be getting done leading up to the wedding and it goes by months and then also like the week of the wedding like to dues but you can honestly find those things like on Pinterest I did not use the Erin Condren planner throughout like the whole year as a regular planner I just use it for like the back of it I used it to budget and it has some really great tips and like pages in the back for the planning process and the timeline so that really did help me that is the one that I used but I know there’s a law in the market so yeah who eras 2009 said what was your first end song I can feel the love when you sing it to each other in the video we I did show a little snippet on my Instagram store you guys can check that out I do have a bunch of like videos and pictures of from the wedding on my wedding highlight reel like on my Instagram page so you guys can see that we dance too from the ground up by Dan che dan + Shay is like our favorite band right now we saw them in concert with the Rascal Flatts we thought we fell in love with like both their albums we are obsessed with all their songs great country band and in tequila if you guys know that song we also love speechless which is another song that was played at our wedding is actually a dedication song so Anthony Simon to me I was like in a chair in the middle of dance floor and he did like a dedication song to me it was so so sweet you guys will have to wait to see that cried cried my eyes out Sarah Dunning unders do you prefer a venue that’s all-inclusive comes with catering flowers etc or pick your own I also saw Melanie tu-114 say was your venue all-inclusive or did you have to hire separately so the only thing that was included with our venue was of course the catering or the food drinks but our cake was included in the package for our venue that was the only thing that was included as far as the florals that was separate the deejay that was separate calligraphy that was separates hair makeup photography videography all of a separate so yeah the only thing I was included was the cake I don’t know if I would prefer one or the other I feel like you should just do your research on you know florals and different things like that because you might end up with something that you don’t like if everything’s all included like it’s I think it’s pretty hard to have a venue where everything’s included because kind of like you get what you get you know like you can do your research with vendors and really shop around if it’s not included cki Gray said did you set a goal weight for your wedding if so what helped you what helped you out the most so as far as my goalie I actually did reach my goal weight the week of the wedding but I lost like the extra three I lost the extra three pounds that I wanted to and I kind of tell you a little bit about what I felt about my dress the day up to you because I felt like I lost me at that extra weight again I have a whole video on my vlog channel sharing with you guys the struggles of my address I had some not-so-great dress fittings and it was a little bit nerve-wracking I noticed that the day of the wedding that my dress didn’t fit like super snug in like the stomach area which was the area that she kind of took it out a little bit so originally she took it in too much and it was too tight and then she took it out for my third fitting I noticed that I think because I love a little bit extra weight that’s in a lot and a lot of this is like inevitable especially with my type of dress with a material and all of the fabric that I had and a lot of my pictures or like videos I noticed that like my fabric kind of scrunched or like Rouge a little bit in my stomach area which really frustrated me that was the only thing that I feel like I was upset about as far as like the way that I like looked and of course I wasn’t so happy about my overall like appearance as far as my body we all have insecurities do I wish that I lost an extra like 510 pounds of course like we all feel like that we all feel like we should lose weight and look you know look a certain way looking back I almost kind of wish that I looked more for a dress I’ll tell you one thing when the seamstress was doing my dress she did tell me that most Brides now I wish that and I don’t know if the girl knew this someone would have told me this when I purchased the dress or when I was trying it on um the same shirts did say that every bride that has had my specific dress that I had hasn’t been that happy with it so that was like really kind of questionable to me it kind of like made me a little worried and I was like okay am I not gonna be happy with it like what’s the problem I almost wished that I did look a little bit more um I don’t want to say that I regret I don’t want to say that I regret anything and I don’t want to say that I wasn’t happy with my dress but I do feel like I don’t know I don’t want to say anything I want to like say anything because like I’m happy with everything I just there was just so many issues with my dress and the fabric itself wasn’t the most comfortable like on my arms the beading I probably could have had a little bit more of a more comfortable lace I mean it was gorgeous I just the way that it fit me again like the way it kind of like scrunched up on my stomach from moving which again I feel like it’s kind of inevitable it’s gonna I know what’s gonna happen because the fabrics moving as you’re walking the good thing was is that I hate a lot of that with my florals so like my florals were in front of like my stomach area majority of my pictures so I hate a lot of that but when I didn’t have my florals in front of me I just didn’t love the way that it looked in the front that could just be me being super critical and like very picky again it was gorgeous and I wouldn’t necessarily say I wouldn’t change anything but like looking back I kind of wish that I shopped a little bit more I only went to one place and do I think I could have had a better fitting dress probably but I was still like happy with it and I I loved it so yeah I’m still weird about my dress just because of all the stuff that I had to go through and again just the way that it fit me not every angle looks the best multiple pictures that I don’t like at all you know the way that I looked in my dress but there’s also ones that I like the way I look so I think it’s just at no and I was talking about my dress I’ve literally talked so much about it on my blog channel and you guys were always sick of hearing it oh my god that wasn’t even about my dress it was about my my goal weight and it turned into that but this is gonna be literally the longest video ever Michaela Scott said I want to know more about your sweetheart table the purpose and how it went for you guys I also saw a lot of questions asking why we had a sweetheart table or our thoughts about being away from our bridal party we actually really enjoyed that it was really nice to have like our separate table of just for us we just had time to like talk and I kind of soak everything in and it was honestly nice to just like sit there in silence and just like a look around the room if I could give any Brides one piece of advice like the biggest piece of advice is and I’m telling a lot of my friends this too that are having weddings this year take moments a lot of people have told me this too and we did that like I don’t look back and think like oh I wish that I just like took a moment to like I I don’t even think about that because I did do that we both did we took moments throughout the day throughout the night to just look around and soak everything in Emanuel asked me like did they fly by like did you notice that it was just like over and done with and like you look back and you’re like oh my god like what happened the day went by honestly no like I really I mean the day went fast but it also didn’t like I sit at the table together and we would just be like oh my gosh like this is crazy like all of these people are here for us they’re all here to celebrate our love and we took that that time to like really embrace the day and like not think about anything else but that moment you know the day of your wedding you’re getting pulled in all different directions your photographers telling you what to do you’re having people come up to you wanting to take pictures with you talk to you you know and another thing that I was told actually from my friend was she’s like I noticed that you and Anthony never really left each other’s side if they feel like with a lot of weddings you know you kind of just like wander off or like you know the groom will be talking to these people and the broad will be talking to these people but like we’ve really tried to stick together there was probably a couple moments where I was like I lost my husband and I was like where is he and you know he would be like off talking to someone or whatever but we really stuck together the whole night we danced together we made sure that like everyone that we went up to we went out to together I feel like it was just we were just together the whole night and I think that’s what made it so special is we were just together in every moment if that makes sense and that’s like the biggest of ice I would give is just like take it all in because it is going to be over before you know it and you have to just take moments I think once we were told like that we had to cut the cake that’s when we realize like oh my god the night’s about to end like I was starting to realize that like the hours were passing by one thing I really did love was that during dinner time we asked our DJ to kind of play a little bit more like upbeat music halfway through just because I wanted to make sure that my guests were on the dance floor and having a good time like as much as possible so my DJ did a really great job and I was also super picky about the music and the playlist I did see some questions asking like did we just let our DJ do whatever and play whatever he wanted did we have a playlist we did we were really specific on what was playing throughout the night and when I’m not kidding when my DJ had a call with me it was like the last call that we had he was like you are one of the most organized Brides I’ve ever worked with and I was like thank you so much it’s just so picky and like particular about a lot and I feel like that’s just that’s okay like you’re the bride or you know it’s your day you can choose however you want it I really love the whole the way the whole night went and all we got were complex at the venue and just the music the reception you know I feel like through the reception it is so important it is the whole night like when you think about it we think about a wedding you think about of course the ceremony but you think about the reception that is the whole night you know I wanted to make sure that my guests were having a good time and that they were on the dance floor definitely went that way there wasn’t anyone off the dance floor besides like people eating but other than that everyone had a great time and that just made me feel so good like I was like they’re doing their job and I’m happy I’m definitely that type of person and throughout the planning process this is another piece of advice I can give throughout the planning process I have always and this is just type of person I am but I’ve always been the type of person that wants to please everyone I am a people pleaser I just felt like I needed to please everyone and it got to the point where I was so overwhelmed and anxious about pleasing everyone that it just got to a point where I was like this is our day and I was told by other people too like it’s your day you guys make the decisions it’s another big piece of advice I can give is do everything for you guys everything that you do everything that you plan is how you guys should want it don’t ever think that you’re being selfish because at the end of the day it’s all about you guys you guys get to make the overall decisions you get to pick how your day goes and how you want it everyone has opinions everyone’s throwing out you know what they think or how things should go and you really just have to like take a step back and be like look this is our day we’re gonna do what we want to do everything everything within means as far as like financially but you know what I mean like don’t feel like you’re hurting anyone’s feelings because at the end of the day it’s all about you and then it’s the best part about your wedding is that everyone is there for you it’s one of those days that is like a once-in-a-lifetime experience where the entire day is all about besides like your birthday but like let’s be real like your wedding day is all about you everyone’s there for you your center of attention own it so a lot of people were asking about money and budgeting and honestly I don’t really like to talk about money that much just because I just think it’s a touchy subject but there are definitely ways to go around budgeting a wedding they actually have some really great books I’ve got one for my friend who just got engaged I believe it’s one of the top like selling wedding planning books I got it for my friend it is called the budget savvy wedding planner and organizer so she’s actually using it right now because she’s on a for her wedding and I’ll show you guys what it looks like you can check this out if you’re interested I actually read through it a little bit and it’s really really helpful so if you are on a budget or you’re looking for some tips definitely check out that book I didn’t really use any books besides my like erin condren wedding planner that showed me the timeline of everything that i need done which was super helpful but that’s a really great book I will have it linked below too if you guys are interested Maddy Crosby 94 said what was the most stressful part I would say as far as the planning and everything for the wedding a lot of it was like kind of family related I would say like I just feel like again it kind of goes back to like pleasing people and making everyone happy I have to say that blending families isn’t always easy it ended up being so great and we were so happy that we had all the family that we did at our wedding from both sides but I would say that like planning a wedding and I was just talking to my mom about this the other day but planning the wedding definitely brings out different sides in people and this is not like talking specifically about anyone but I’m just saying just in general if you are planning a wedding you know what I mean because every bride that I talked to when I do weddings for like hair and makeup Brides will like vent to me about their friends or family or brought a party or whoever you know feeling some type of way or acting out or causing drama like I feel like that is the biggest thing like planning a wedding does cause a lot of drama it causes some relationship issues with people again you feel like you have to please people but also keeping the back of your mind that it’s your day and it’s the way that you want it I feel like that was the most stressful honestly of course there’s like bumps along the way my dress fittings not going well you know different things with vendors but overall I feel like at the drama the issues with people blending families that is all probably what is most stressful so keep in mind when you are planning a wedding that there might be some issues with people there might be some feelings hurt there might be some emotions thrown around that is all I can say about that I I mean like I said I don’t want to go into detail about anything but I feel like that was the most stressful was keeping everyone happy and keeping it about your day and the happiness that the wedding brings not about other things hey in row 7 said best advice for brides wanting a winter wedding in a cold climate would you recommend actually had like a faux fur a little wrap that I wore and to be honest I was not cold I feel like it was probably my dress like all the layers and like fabric that I had on and I also had sleeves I wasn’t super cold like honestly I feel like my face was cold and maybe my feet were cold but other than that I didn’t feel that cold as far as my bridesmaids I did have a little like Shahs or like pajamas I think that’s how you say it I could be saying it wrong but they’re little like scarf scarf little throws I don’t know if they were super warm but like my venue had a ton of heaters everywhere the barn had heaters inside so I don’t think it was too cold in the barn and then everything else was inside there was only a short amount of time that we were outside doing pictures and I felt bad for my girls and of course the guys as well I mean they have suits on so it’s a little bit better but like a lot of the girls that have sleeveless dresses on you know it was a little chilly and keep in mind that you might not have the best weather I mean if we had snow it would have been a whole different story we might have had to do a lot of our pictures inside and I’m glad that we got all the pictures that we did outside could we have gotten more full bridal party pictures yes but honestly we didn’t because of the cold so we didn’t do a first look but we got our bridal party pictures of like just the bridesmaids separately and just the groomsmen separately and after the ceremony we got like a few and I mean like a few we got a few pictures of the whole bridal party together so the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and the bride and groom flower girl we got all of us together but we honestly only got a few pictures we did not get a lot and I was okay with that I honestly wanted to spend more time getting pictures of just me and Anthony and Bella and like get our family pictures done and what I have my whole bridal party out there in the cold they were hungry they wanted to go to cocktail hours look we have good enough pictures you know as long as we have a few of the whole bridal party I’m okay with that I would rather spend more time before the Sun Goes Down that was a whole another thing we were beating we were trying to beat the Sun going down because our ceremony was later in the day so our ceremony was at 4:00 the Sun went down at like 527 530 so we were literally on like crunch time after the ceremony to get the pictures and that we needed would I recommend it I feel like it’s for certain people guys like there are certain brides that would never get married in the cold and would not have a bunch of wedding and there’s Brides that would like and never have a summer wedding like for it for instance for me like I haven’t imagined having a wedding in the summer because I hate being hot and I hate sweating and being like sticky and like I would have to touch up my hair and makeup so much in the summer and I never had to do that in the winter so that was a great perk of getting married in the winter time was that I never had to worry about like my hair falling out or my makeup getting messed up but of course I had to like retouch on my lips but like I’m not sweating off my makeup and like that’s why a lot of people get married in the spring and in the fall because it’s in between being really cold and being really hot so in the offseason it is a little bit tricky with the weather but I honestly would recommend it I think winter weddings are stunning I think they are gorgeous and I love I love seeing winter weddings and I also love seeing weddings that are in snow like I think that that is gorgeous I don’t know how I would have handled that walking in the snow but I think that that’s gorgeous I would recommend it but like again it’s for certain people like there’s not many people that like getting married in the cold some prefer hot / cold it’s I think personal preference sandra underscore canton said what should be the top of things to plan and purchase first when it comes to wedding planning you guys can definitely see a bunch of this over on my blog because i did share a lot of that i shared a lot of the things that i purchased for my bridesmaids on Etsy shops i purchased a lot of things on etsy oh my gosh pretty much majority of this stuff for the wedding was purchased on etsy the first thing you should do is get well yeah pick a date with pick a venue yeah well yeah I give you the dates yeah the venue will tell you like what dates are available so for instance like we actually wanted to get married in January but January didn’t work out because they had no Saturday’s available we also wanted a Saturday so then we had to push it to February 9th so that was one thing but I would say the first thing to plan is a date time of year that you want to get married and also a venue you have to book your venue first before you do anything and of course like where you want your ceremony to be located if you’re doing it separate um and then as far as purchases I would say maybe thanks for the broader party but to be honest like they didn’t take that long to get in and I got mine like super early so on the timeline I got a biologic three weeks yeah um where is my wedding planner I’m gonna take a little ride real quick where to a place where they have food Oh sounds good yeah I can’t get anything yeah what are you any good I know it’s really dry skin when you are first planning the biggest things to lock down are your vendors so I would say two of the biggest things is your venue but also your photographer I think the photography is something that you should book first before other vendors only because obviously photographers get booked up quickly they booked well in advance I actually was really nervous that my photographer was not going to have my date available because we originally chose 2020 January of 20 funny and I had to switch it and thank God she was available well I will have her link below I already said that I’m gonna have all my vendors link below and then second would be a videographer if you are interested in videography I had to research a lot for videography I asked multiple people for my date and a lot of them were not available so that was hard but as soon as you pick your date I would definitely you have to have your date first of course but as soon as you pick your date I would definitely reach out to a photographer or videographer do some research and book those as soon as possible because they booked up quickly and they book well in advance like my photographer is already booking for like two years out so that is very important as far as like other purchases like all the things I purchase on Etsy things for my bridal party like all of that can really wait I purchase things very early on because I was just nervous about shipping things and like this one says future mrs. Morrison I’m not future anymore I am so let’s just go to Wow yes how are you in filming oh oh no no that stops it three times yeah I probably two hours yeah I’ve been filming for like two hours it’s a long time fourteen and nine months before this is like the first page now again all of these might be different this is just what’s in my Erin Condren planner but and you might not be getting married 14 months before you might be getting married two years or you know however long but this is just like you know fourteen to nine months before create a budget choose your wedding party start drafting a guest list booked your date book your officiant book– your date research photographers and videographers hire a planner look into music auctions florists and caterers discuss honeymoon hey like for the first things that you should definitely do is figure out who’s gonna be in your wedding party pick your date discuss a budget and research photographers and videographers and of course booked your venue those would be the first things that I would do you don’t want to start researching venues and things before you figure out your budget so nessam a five nine zero asked how did you sleep the night before Congrats um I didn’t sleep at all I feel like I was literally up all night long and actually I was sleeping with Bella because we slept over my parents house and actually a lot of you guys asked did you sleep separate from Anthony the night before the wedding and yes we did Anthony slept here at our house and I slept over at my parents house we need to just start or like I guess the makeup girl in the hair girl we’re coming around like 7:30 8:00 in the morning and I needed to make sure I was up at like 7:00 to get things like ready and set up for everyone so I wanted to just be over my parents house and also also we wanted to sleep separately so it just worked out I went and sleeps over there with Bella and Bella slept great I did not sleep at all I was so like nervous my stomach hurt all night long and yeah I feel like I didn’t sleep at all so and it was fine because I wasn’t that tired in the morning I literally just got up I think I was up at like 6:30 and I was just like ready for the day I just wanted to get the day started and you’re just your adrenaline and like your your nerves and stuff you’re just so anxious the day of that I kind of just catch a second wind and you’re just like you know overwhelmed with everything that you don’t even think about like sleep or that you’re tired underscore Abby underscore Bambi asked who is the designer of your wedding dress my dress was Martina Liana and I actually can share with you guys a style number if you’re interested I will put that below as well and then my shoes were from Badgley Mischka and all of my Prada party shoes were from Badgley Mischka they sent us all over shoes and they were so stunning I wore Badgley Mischka shoes for my my shower my bridal shower I also were some for my rehearsal dinner they are all gorgeous I’m going to treasure him forever I love my shoes they weren’t the most comfortable things but I did wear them like all throughout the night I wore slippers for the reception well for my first dance I wear my heels for all my dances they were the heels but I did change into slippers throughout the night and you know that was but my my shoes didn’t hurt that much Alex Alexis a hog Alexis a POG I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right what was your favorite part besides getting married anything funny happen I saw this and I was thinking actually something funny did happen as something else I guess went wrong and I didn’t even think about this because it wasn’t like something that went wrong on our side it was the guys so Anthony’s brother traveled from Arizona and when they were getting dressed like getting their pictures taken and getting dressed he realized that he didn’t have his white shirt so the pictures were a little bit delayed and he actually had to literally drive down to coals and get a white button-down shirt so that was another thing that kind of like went wrong with like someone forgetting something so a guy forgot their shirt and it kind of delayed the pictures but it all ended up buying he like couldn’t even tell it was good and he was also the best man and I cut him some slack cuz we actually heard from the photographer she was like someone forgot their shirt so we’re a little bit delayed and I was like who the heck forgot what they heard that it was his brother I was like okay I was like oh I’ll cut him some slack he traveled with three kids from Arizona I was like every it’s fine but that was one other thing that went wrong make sure all of your bridal party has everything they need the day of I like sent out like mass text all my bridal party I was like make sure you guys have this make sure you have that don’t forget this make sure you have all your money in an envelope like I was like that was on top of it all Samantha Tago asked who coordinated your wedding on the day of did the venue provide a coordinator and yes I did say this before they did have two people on hand for us the day of they did everything for us they were absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have done it without them I didn’t even need to hire day of coordinator and that’s something that you should ask with your venue if you will have people there for you the day of to kind of like walk you through the day they were there for us through everything so super helpful and I need anyone because I had them so you can Steinberg one said I’m getting married in October Oh congratulations was there something special you did for your mom and dad so for the day of I gave them a little something like I said I gave them two handkerchiefs and they had a little message on them and I will I shared a picture that was the one thing I did for the day of I wanted to give them something special it’s kind of like thank them for everything they’ve helped us out through up you know the whole process and of course I feel like I feel like it is kind of like tradition to give your parents something the day I’ve at least like the bride give their parents something of course we did like the gifts at the rehearsal dinner we gave gifts to the broader party and the parents but for the day of I did give my parents their little gift and that was my little something special furious honey asked one thing you felt wasn’t worth the money honestly like I keep thinking about that and there’s nothing that I could think of that wasn’t worth the money for as far as like what we plan and what we what we did I know a lot of people ask like is a videographer worth the money is it worth it our photos good enough because I think a lot of people are back and forth between getting a videographer and not getting a video after video Agra fir and I say it is absolutely worth it but I’m also coming from you know a person that does YouTube for a living so like video is my life like everything revolving around video is so important to me I love looking back at video it’s one thing to have pictures but video I feel like just captures like the whole day and it also gets like you can you can visually see things happening as opposed to a picture I don’t know I totally recommend it and I think that having a videographer is so worth it as far as anything and not worth the money honestly I don’t I don’t I don’t think so um if I think of anything maybe I’ll put it below in the comments but I can’t really think of anything I really think that everything that we got everything that we did was worth it in the end I’ve been filming this for so so long so I think this is probably gonna be like the last question that I answer if I need to do a part two I totally will if I didn’t answer your question or if you have any more questions you can definitely let me know and I will do a part two if you’re interested so the last question I’m gonna answer is Briana LS 0 1 what do you wish you knew while planning your wedding that you know now I would say the biggest thing is and everyone tells you this over and over again and it’s so true and you have to listen to them because and I feel like I kind of said it before but your wedding day will be spectacular it will be amazing and don’t think anything otherwise I feel like throughout the planning process you’re just so worried about every little thing and you want it all to be perfect even though perfect doesn’t exist but really though I feel like my wedding day was perfect the way it was even the ups and downs the thing that went wrong I was okay with it all that mattered to me was the love that me and Anthony shared that day and continued to share we were literally on cloud nine right now that was the biggest thing for us we just honestly can’t get over how we felt the day of and just how amazing the whole day was it was truly magical and I feel like my hard work paid off I feel like everything all the planning all the stress the blood sweat and tears knotti blood it was all worth it in the end and no matter what your day will be amazing you will be the happiest you’ve ever been hopefully I didn’t think about anything else I didn’t think about how everything looked you know besides the florals getting messed up I didn’t care about any of that all I cared about was enjoying that day with my husband looking back so many people told me like no matter what everything will be perfect no matter what it’ll all be great and I just kept thinking like no like everything needs to be like this and I need to have this and I need to order this and I need to make sure this vendor knows this like it’s all you’re thinking leading up to the day of but I am telling you right now the day will be imperfectly perfect it will be spectacular magical I think that’s it I don’t know what else to say other than I had the most amazing day ever our wedding is definitely something we’ll remember for a lifetime and I can’t wait for this next chapter I hope I answered enough questions for you guys if this video is so so long I apologize if you have made it to the end of this video and have watched the whole thing thank you so much I love you I appreciate you if you guys have any more questions please reach out to me I will definitely answer them if I can and I think that is it you guys can look forward to our wedding video coming out please be patient with us we did get kind of like an estimated time from our videographer they said 8 to 12 weeks which I know is a long time we’re waiting for it we’re so excited to get it and I cannot wait but I’m gonna be on them like every month and make sure that you know I can get an estimated time and see how things are going so yeah please be patient but in the meantime you can go over to my blog you can check out the behind the scenes video if you haven’t seen that already and also check out my whole wedding planning journey I have blogs you know of the whole year leading up to us getting married I hope that I gave you some good advice I did my best if I can think of anything else I will put it in the description but please follow me on all my social I will have those listed in the description Instagram snapchat Facebook Twitter all of those will be listed below and at the end slate I but please subscribe if you aren’t already I will be posting more guys promised within this next chapter maybe maybe we will be starting a family soon I don’t know let’s have some good vibes coming to us we will we will be starting a new journey together as husband and wife very very excited for the future that’s all I can say so please subscribe and subscribe to my blog channel if you haven’t already and I will see you guys in my next video thank you so so much for watching bye you

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