hey guys welcome back to my channel it has been a while since I have sat down and made a video I’ve been wanting to get this video out for you guys for a while but I got sick and I’m still kind of congested but I wanted to make this video and hurry up and get it up for you guys because a lot of you have been wanting more wedding content whether that’s like q and A’s or things like that so I’m gonna go ahead and jump into this video first of all I wanted to say that I’m so excited for those of you who are new here and subscribed my name is Lauren I make Beauty related videos health lifestyle vlogging and now wedding planning because I recently got engaged oh and thank you guys so much for all the feedback you guys have been giving me on the wedding dress video I tried on a ton of wedding dresses and I will link the video here in the cards or here I forget where it is and you can go ahead and check that out because I have my bridesmaids there and it was just a lot of fun and you get to see a ton of different wedding dress styles on me and then you get to see the reaction of my friends my mom and my soon-to-be mother-in-law when I try on my actual dress that I picked and I’m so excited because this month is the month that that dress ships out and I can’t wait to put it on again and never take it off so I am going to hop right in this is going to be a video all about how I’m planning a wedding without a wedding planner now that doesn’t mean that I’m never going to meet with one I eventually will at least be meeting with a coordinator there’s difference between the two but my venue has a coordinator that I’ll be meeting with I think in April is when Josh and I can meet with them so I still have a lot of time and I’m still doing it all on my own right now so if you’re curious how I’m planning a wedding without already a wedding planner so far then go ahead and keep watching and at the end I’m gonna answer some of your questions that you have asked me on Instagram about this topic so let’s get right into my tips all right the first one kind of a little bit of a self promo because I made a wedding checklist on Etsy so you can actually shop this wedding planning checklist on Etsy and it’s so easy all you do is pay for it and then you should be able to download it right away I’ve structured it the same way that mine is basically what I did was I went online and there were so many different wedding checklists and it was really hard to find the right one and make it my own in the template so this is a template that you can use and it is so easy this has helped me so much without a planner so basically the na komm has a lot that you can go off of but there’s a lot of different websites that have checklists but this one is kind of an accumulative of things that I haven’t done so far so for example for the whole month of August there’s something to do since we got engaged in July so the next month right away I wanted to start a plant to start planning and each month has a set of lists of tasks that need to get done or hopefully will get done at that month so you can stay on track and you’re not doing a ton of stuff at the end like right before your wedding that would just be so horrible especially when it comes to buying your wedding dress a lot of girls don’t realize that it takes four to six months for your wedding dress to even get shipped to you and then you also have to alter it so there’s a lot of things like that or takes a lot of time and you really want to have a checklist for that so check mine out is down in the description bar below it is the Etsy shop it’s just called shop Laurens designs I’m pretty sure and it’s $6 it’s really easy and you easily can send up to the month that you got engaged so since I got engaged in July I would type in the first month being either July or August and then you go on from there all the way until your wedding day so I hope that guy I hope that helps you guys if you’re planning a wedding without wedding planner or even if you have a wedding planner it’s good to see a checklist and check everything off when you’re done highlight it in pink when you’re done like I did and you will just feel so much better all right the next tip is to get a binder this one is from Target of course you know I love target follow my Instagram the target girl it is this pink one and this I haven’t used too much since I got engaged it was more just just to do this right away but I will definitely be using this binder more I’m just gonna really come in handy when you have a lot of offenders and you have their invoices and you have their contracts you definitely want to print out at least the invoice and just have that in hand and not just on your computer which has helped me but I also have this binder like set like this I don’t know I are used to like style and inspiration for the wedding and this is kind of funny because this picture on Pinterest is me from a styled wedding shoot that I did so that was really fun cuz I was scrolling through it through Pinterest and for inspiration for wedding and then I found myself in a wedding dress which is so funny so anyways then I have like this was before we picked a venue so I had venues that I really like and things like that so after as you can see I haven’t done it yet but after this page I’m gonna put every single invoice and any information from my vendors so like my dessert girl my videographer the photographer things like that so I can have it all in one binder it’s really gonna help you if you don’t have a wedding planner just yet or if you plan on like not even having one at all that’s really gonna help you and be very helpful and keep everything in one place in one binder and organized and then I guess one last tip this is kind of a very short but I really wanted to emphasize the wedding checklist in the beginning that’s gonna help you so much but the really other thing that I wanted to emphasize is using and the not calm or zola calm I know there’s a ton of other wedding websites out there where you can create your own website but it’s going to be so helpful especially for your guests to have your registry on the website and everything already set up we use the not calm I just really like it I mean Zola is great as well they have a ton of great things for register but I’m just kind of leaning towards the not in the beginning either one it’s totally fine but that way we created our wedding website and is so pretty so cute and then you can have a ton of photos on the website and your registry so it’s gonna be so helpful to have everything in one spot I really like the not calm too because they have a budget err and I know some of you guys have asked me about budgeting and basically you can say what your budget is so you’re a big price what you plan to spend on your wedding and hopefully not go over that price you can you can type that in and then as you’re typing in things like your videographer price and your dress price it will slowly show you all that you have spent so far has definitely helped and it’s gonna be helpful for you guys when you’re planning and when you don’t have a planner like right by your side at all times so then you can keep track of that okay I’m gonna hop in to questions from Instagram if you don’t follow my Instagram already and is here on the screen and linked down below the first one is my friend Shayla Kelly who just got engaged she asked do groomsmen and bridesmaids have to be equal in number I would definitely say no I mean the only time that you’re really going to see them all together like side-by-side are in a few photos and also obviously I our altar josh has five and I have five we wanted to have it even but I mean if you’re not even like that’s totally fine I think I mean I don’t think it’s gonna look strange to the to everyone and they’re gonna be focused on you guys that’s why they’re there and if you don’t mind having it be an odd number it’s fine I would rather it be an odd number then randomly like ask a friend like hey do you want to view my wedding just so she can like be a filler type thing it wouldn’t really be foot or fair to her or like me just have a random person your wedding is you really want the people and the friends that really support you in your relationship and not just random people to fill in the spot is it stressful to find Murray asked is it stressful to find videographers and photographers that are in your area I think that’s what you meant um it hasn’t been too stressful it was a little bit for the videographer and that was just because we wanted to find somebody that really fit our budget we are really passionate about video and photo I mean if you saw our wedding video you know that we love like being able to capture the moment and have that forever so photo and video are like the biggest thing for us definitely because you’re gonna have those forever and it’s gonna be hard to remember your wedding day without those things so I would definitely suggest Instagram if you type in and use the hashtag like San Diego videographer or San Diego wedding video or like anything like that the hashtags are gonna come up the really awesome video ographers are gonna come up in your area how to plan a wedding on a budget oh man well every wedding should have a budget but I think you mean a tight budget it is definitely gonna be hard but I would say the number one money sucker is probably going to be your venue and I my dream venue is way out of our budget we went and looked at it and everything and it was definitely sad but then we fell in love with one that is aligned with our budget which is great so definitely that’s the first big thing you’re gonna do and if you stick to something around your budget right in the beginning like your venue that’s really gonna help you as well as sticking with something that is all-inclusive I really suggest that I know a lot of people don’t like doing all-inclusive videos but basically they’re gonna have everything when it comes to food tables linens they’ll probably have dessert and cake for you and of course that adds up over time but it’s gonna take so much stress off of you especially if you don’t have a wedding planner like me all right guys thanks so much for listening to the today’s video I hope you guys got some tips if you are out there planning a wedding and and like this video if you like these kinds of videos I have a whole wedding video playlist that will be linked down below or it’s just on my channel and it’s right there I have every single wedding video that I’ve made since I got engaged and our engagement video and things like that so I’ll talk to you guys in my next video bye

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