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What’s up guys, welcome back to the blog!

Its wedding season here in Duluth Minnesota! Today we will be talking about planning a wedding without a wedding coordinator, because here in Duluth we like to take things in our own hands. We are also going to answer some questions specific to getting married in Minnesota without a wedding coordinator. Let’s get started!

So, the first tip is to have a good wedding checklist.

Wedding checklists are the way to go, otherwise you will just get lost. So, the one I made is accumulative of things that I haven’t done so far. So for example for the whole month of August there’s something to do since we got engaged in July. The next month right away I wanted to start planning and each month has a set of lists of tasks that need to get done or hopefully will get done at that month so you can stay on track and you’re not doing a ton of stuff at the end like right before your wedding.

That would just be so horrible especially when it comes to buying your wedding dress. A lot of girls don’t realize that it takes four to six months for your wedding dress to even get shipped to you and then you also must alter it. So, there’s a lot of things like that which take a lot of time and you really want to have a checklist for that. Also check out bullet journals I talk about them here.

The next tip is to get a binder.

This one is from Target, of course you know I love our Duluth target. By binder is this pink one and this I haven’t used too much since I got engaged it was more just to do this right away. But I will be using this binder more. It’ just going to really come in handy when you have a lot of vendors and you have their invoices and you have their contracts. You want to print out at least the invoice and just have that in hand and not just on your computer which has helped me. But I also have this binder like set like this. Then I have like this was before we picked a venue.

So, I had some wedding venues in Duluth that I really like and things like that. I’m going to put every single invoice and any information from my vendors. So, like my dessert girl, my videographer, the photographer, things like that so I can have it all in one binder. It’s really going to help you if you don’t have a wedding planner just yet, or if you plan on like not even having one at all.

But the other thing that I wanted to emphasize is using wedding website creators like

I know there’s a ton of other wedding websites out there where you can create your own website, but it’s going to be so helpful especially for your guests to have your registry on the website and everything already set up. Zola is great. They have a ton of great things for registries. You can have a ton of photos on the website and your registry so it’s going to be so helpful to have everything in one spot. I really like the budget tool and I know some of you guys have asked me about budgeting.

Basically, you can say what your budget is, what you plan to spend on your wedding and hopefully not go over that price. You can you can type that in and then as you’re typing in things like your videographer price and your dress price it will slowly show you all that you have spent so far. This has helped and it’s going to be helpful for you guys when you’re planning and when you don’t always have a planner like right by your side.

Ok now for some questions! You can send me questions too, use the contact info on the site!

Shayla Kelly asks should groomsmen and bridesmaids be equal in number?

I would say no. I mean the only time that you’re really going to see them all together like side-by-side are in a few photos. Josh has five and I have five. We wanted to have it even, but I mean if you’re not that’s totally fine. I don’t think it’s going to look strange to everyone. The focus is going to be on you.

If you don’t mind having it be an odd number, it’s fine. I would rather it be an odd number then randomly like ask a friend like hey do you want to view my wedding just so she can like be a filler type thing. It wouldn’t really be fair to her or me just have a random person. In your wedding you really want the people and the friends that really support you in your relationship and not just random people to fill in the spot.

Murray asked is it stressful to find videographers and photographers in the Duluth area?

It hasn’t been too stressful. It was a little bit for the videographer and that was just because we wanted someone in our budget. We are passionate about video and photo. I mean if you saw our wedding video you know that we love like being able to capture the moment and have that forever. So, photo and video are like the biggest thing for us. You’re going to have those forever and it’s going to be hard to remember your wedding day without those things. I would suggest Instagram. If you type in the hashtag Duluth videographer or Duluth wedding video the hashtags are going to come up. The awesome videographers are going to come up in your area.

Jessie C. Asked how to plan a Minnesota wedding on a budget.

Oh man, well every wedding should have a budget, but I think you mean a tight budget. It is going to be hard. But I would say the number one money sucker is probably going to be your Duluth venue. My dream venue is way out of our budget. We went and looked at it and everything and it was sad. But then we fell in love with one in our budget which is great.

That’s the first big thing you’re going to do. If you stick to something around your budget right in the beginning like your venue. That’s really going to help you, as well as sticking with something that is all-inclusive. I really suggest that. I know a lot of people don’t like doing all-inclusive venues but basically they’re going to have everything. Food, tables, linens, they’ll probably have dessert and cake for you. Of course that adds up over time but it’s going to take so much stress off of you. Especially if you don’t have a wedding planner like me.

So that’s all for now, stay tuned for more Duluth Wedding Tips! See you next time!





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