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how’s it going welcome back to my channel if you’re new here I want to invite you to I try to put out new videos every single week so hit that little subscribe button below and join my little YouTube family so as you may or may not know I got married this past year it’s going to be a year in two months that’s crazy this year has flown by so we got married last July and we tried to make our wedding as budget-friendly as possible and we got married in we had a seven month engagement so it was pretty quick we didn’t have very much time to put things together but that was kind of a conscious choice because I know me and the less time that I have to prepare for something the less money I’ll put it to it because I know if I have a ton of time I’ll go back I’ll change things I’ll put more money into it so we decided we’ll do it quick we’ll do it easy just get it done and over with because we were more excited to start our lives together than have the actual party but I have people that have had two and a half year engagements and they still had a budget-friendly wedding because they had time to make everything and it was very what’s the word I’m looking for it was very personal so whatever works for you as a couple then that’s great and I’m assuming that if you’re here and you’re watching this video you’re newly engaged congratulations or you are in the process of planning a wedding or a party and you’re just looking for some tips so that is what I’m going to do today I’m going to let you guys in on all my little secrets of how John and I created what we think was our perfect wedding so I know a lot of people out there that has dreamed of their engagement for a long time and just thought about how it was going to happen thought about the ring had Pinterest boards and all that stuff as soon as it happens you’re like alright what now that’s exactly how I was John and I decided that after we got engaged we weren’t going to tell anybody except for a close friends and family for two weeks until we had like an engagement party and we announced it to everybody just because we had seen the pressure that some of our friends had been under as soon as you tell people you’re engaged everybody’s like when did set a date or asking all these questions and stuff and we just wanted to keep it kind of personal and private something personal for us and our family to enjoy privately before we tell your buddy else we’re actually super super private in that sense so it just made sense for us to do that and I tend to get overwhelmed very easily so anyways as soon as I got engaged I was like what now what do I do we have your wedding planned on your head or on Pinterest boards and stuff but when it actually comes down to it it’s like what do I actually want because it’s fun to make hypothetical situations in your head but one it comes down to actually doing it it’s a whole different story so my first tip for a newly engaged couple is to sit down individually and write down a list of what is important to have at the wedding for each of you it could be incorporating a certain color that means a lot to you or having a certain item on the menu or having a certain playlist playing up during the reception whatever it may be just write down whatever is really important to you whatever you really really want at your wedding and then come together and compare lists you may hate everything on your partners list they may hate everything on your list you might not agree on a lot of different things but I feel like that’s the first real test of marriage because marriage comes with a lot of compromise I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m a marriage expert it’s been less than a year but what I have gathered so far is it takes a lot of compromise so I feel like that’s the first test really during wedding planning and for marriage to really make those compromises and make each other happy in that sense so an example for us was John and I decided because he’s not like a very floral guy and he’s very woodsy so we decided that instead of having flowers art at our wedding we were going to have foliage so everything was just leaves like different leaves it was very Foresti and we decided that the bridesmaids we’re going to wear all green and the groomsmen were going to wear cobalt blue because we liked the contrast of the blue of together so when jock came to me and told me that it was very important to him to incorporate his family’s Scottish tartan into the wedding I kind of had to digest that for a second because his family’s tartan is red so with red green and blue I was like it’s going to look like a Christmas wedding Christmas in July not really into that but it was something that was really important to him so we sat down and we decided how are we going to incorporate this into the wedding to make each of us happy and we decided that we would have the groomsmen wear socks with his family’s tartan on it and suspenders so they got to do the cute photos with the socks and the suspenders and stuff like that and then when it came to the formal parts they were all suited up and you couldn’t see any of those colors once it got time to dancing and all that stuff who really cares what anybody’s wearing so I just feel like that was one of the compromises that we had to do and you just want to remember that it’s not just one of your day it’s both of your days so you have to kind of make it fair and equal and make it just as special for your partner as it is for you so that is my number one tip really to wedding planning always take your partner into consideration because the wedding is just the tip of the iceberg after that the real decisions and the real compromises start the second part is to create a budget that you both think is fair all those Pinterest weddings and stuff like that they’re actually really expensive and when you actually start looking into getting those items that you have on your Pinterest board you may be a little surprised at how pricey they all are sitting down together and making that budget and figuring out how you can work the things you want into your wedding without going over your budget will really help in terms of keeping you guys not stressed and not overwhelmed so we created our budget and a really good tool is on the not calm they have a budget calculator so you could put your actual budget into the budget calculator and they’ll tell you how much you should spend on cake on the dress on reception on everything else and then you could go in and say if you spent less money on a cake then you can change the price and then I’ll take what you saved on that and distribute it among the other things so you’ll have a little more money to work with so it kind of helps you see where your money’s going where your money should be going and it thinks to the things that you would have never thought of otherwise so that was a really really handy tool for us when we set our budget we understood that if we were to have a longer engagement we would have a bigger budget but since we had a shorter engagement we had a smaller budget and so we had to make some compromises again so some of the compromises that we made were I really wanted a florist and a decorator we had considered maybe doing our own flower arrangements and decorating then we found out that we would have to have everything out of the venue by 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. the day of the wedding and I was like I’m not going to do that to my bridal party and I’m not going to want to stay afterwards and clean after my own wedding so I talked to John about having a decorator and florist and how important that was to me and he understood so we had to make a few compromises like I didn’t get a wedding band I just have an engagement ring and that’s fine by me I’m not a big jewelry we’re anyways so we just have an engagement ring and sometime in the future we will get a wedding band too another thing is we didn’t get a limo we had a very very private ceremony with just our families and I did my own makeup in the morning I wore a very traditional dress we went we had our small ceremony and then I met the girls with the salon he met the guys at health we all got ready I put on my white dress and we had our first look and then went on to the reception and our reception hall was attached to a hotel so we were like okay we don’t really need a limo it doesn’t make sense to have a limo so we are going to opt for not having a limo I drove myself to the salon I know it’s kind of weird for some people our wedding was actually really laid-back now that big of it but we yeah we opted for no limo which saved us a ton of money and we were able to use that money towards flowers and decorations you just got to remember that nobody remembers the small details like nobody I would hope would think back to my wedding and be like you know what I really wish they had a limo in the end it all works out and everybody just remembers how much fun they had at your wedding so don’t sweat the small stuff if you can’t afford something don’t be hard on yourself if you’re surrounded by your family and your friends and there’s all that love in the room you really don’t care about all the material things you just care about that moment another thing is the day before the wedding we went into the venue and they had done most of the decorations without the flowers though and my mom had set up some decorations that she wanted to incorporate some that were very traditional and so we got to add our own little touches in there and again that taped a little more money because we were using our own decorations those little personal touches are so nice because you can’t necessarily get that from a decorator going back to the flowers once you set your date figure out what flowers are in season and try to go with those if you choose a flower that’s out of season you are most likely going to have to pay tons of money and also if you get a forest that has their own greenhouse you might have to go outside of the city that you live in or whatever but if you can find florist that has their own greenhouse that’s going to save you a ton of money too because you don’t have to pay their shipping costs either we got florist that works from home and has her own greenhouse and she knew exactly what we wanted her and our decorator were really good friends so they were able to work together and with us to create that vision that we wanted within our budget again to save a little money we didn’t do corsages or boutonnieres from the florist I got my bouquet from the florist and John got a boutonniere that matched my bouquet and then John’s sisters made a little boutonnieres for the guys made out of baby’s breath and they just wrapped it with a little bit of twine and they made little bouquets for the girls and again wrapped it in twine they’re very simple not anything crazy but it worked out beautifully and I didn’t have to pay more than $30 for all 14 of the bridal parties boutonnieres and bouquets so that saves us a ton of my there too it may not have been the most beautiful option but the bridesmaids don’t really carry their bouquets that long so it wasn’t really a big deal and this we just had a private ceremony with our parents and our sisters it really was in a big deal because we didn’t have anybody carrying bouquets next is the dress and my number one tip is to not try on the most expensive dress first I made that mistake and it was kind of for the moment I had plans have a day where I would ask all my bridesmaids to come out and help me look for a dress but my mom and I were just out running errands one day and there was a dress shop that was having a sale so we decided to pop in and I tried on a dress that was stunning it was a sweetheart neckline mermaid dress it was always it was absolutely beautiful and I was like this is my dress and then I saw the price tag and I was like nope this is not my dress it was so expensive and again I felt like I couldn’t justify paying that much money for a dress that I would wear for what six to eight hours and never wear again I was bummed out about that and I was really down about the whole thing and I’m like why are we where are we doing such a budget-friendly wedding why don’t we just wait longer and I was getting really angry with myself and one of my friends had gotten a dress that she absolutely loved from David’s Bridal at her wedding dress and she got it super super affordable and she’s a just check out David’s Bridal they have a huge sale going on right now so I remember I was up it was late at night and I was sitting on my computer and I was just perusing David’s Bridal and I was feeling so sorry for myself that I didn’t have this dress that I loved and then I found a replica of it it was a Zac Posen dress from David’s Bridal and it was sweetheart neckline it was a mermaid-style dress and it was all set and had pearl finishes on the bust and I was like this is it this is my dress and I showed my mom and she’s like that looks exactly like the dress from the store except not lace so I bought the dress and there was only one left in all of Canada and it was in Calgary so they shipped it in and it was pretty close to my side the best part was the dress cost 400 dollars which is on the lower end of a wedding dress and then my mom’s friend is a seamstress so she fitted a dress for me she did all the alterations that I needed and she only charged 200 so in total I only paid $600 for my dress which to some people may seem like a lot but on average wedding dresses are way more than that so I’m pretty proud of myself that I was able to find something that I absolutely loved which looked great and also was so affordable so I understand that not everybody might find the dress that they love online and find something that affordable or whatever but figure out how much you can spend on a dress and go to a bridal store there are tons of bridal consignment stores just go into any dress store and tell them your budget and the ladies that work at wedding dress stores are so experienced in this they know exactly what to show you that will look good on you and fits your budget so don’t feel bad if you don’t have a crazy budget for a dress because you can get something beautiful and something that you love for a pretty affordable price also you can check out ed C because there are some se stores that have some great wedding dresses they’re a little unconventional but if unique another way that we saved money is with online safety dates and invites so this is a little annoying to some of the older guests because they didn’t like the idea of not having a physical invite or a physical RSVP to send back but again it’s what worked for us so we went with it anyways so for the save the dates I just went on Photoshop and I made like a little wreath and I made a little save the date thing on there and with the date and everything and I emailed that out to everybody and then for the invites I made another digital invite which double check your invites because I put the wrong date on it and then I had to go back and remail everybody it was a disaster but anyways it worked out so I made digital invites and I set them out and I set up a website on the comm where it has like a picture of us a little bio about us and then people were able to RSVP on their choose their meal tell us if they’re bringing a plus-one and it just made things so much easier because the not would email us and tell us who RSVP’d es and no we saved about five six hundred dollars on invites and postage just by doing everything online again it was a little unconventional and it was a little inconvenient to some people to do that but it worked out in the end and we didn’t have to pay a penny so that was perfect for us and with all the ones that we were able to save we either were paying off the debt that we were accumulating or we were putting it towards other things that we wanted at the wedding when it comes to the guys suits try to shop around for a good deal we have a boutique here it’s a local boutique called fries that has an offer is hugely slick for proms or bridal parties where the guys can get a full suit with ties socks shoes a belt and a shirt well obviously WI the suit for $300 so n they get to keep it so the guys all got a brand new suit with all the bells and whistles for $300 which turned out great because we chose a color that could go with anything and it was super super affordable for the girls we have them choose their own dresses I didn’t care I just want to my bridesmaids to be comfortable so I told them that they can pick their own dresses in whatever shade of green they want all I asked is that they wear chiffon when you’re asking your bridesmaids to pick their own dresses having them wear chiffon is a good idea just because the material provides a good ombre effect if the girls are wearing different colors and they won’t stand up too much you won’t have one girl and silk one girl in like a polyester dress one girl in a cotton dress it might look a little sloppy if you do that if you pick one material and then one color and tell them you know what pick whatever color you want in that shade then it might work out I mean they were comfortable with them and I hope that they’re able to wear them again because they were able to pick out their own dresses and that’s another thing the bridesmaids I know that everybody can afford different price points so they were able to buy dresses that they could afford and in the end nobody’s dress ended up looking more expensive than anybody else’s dress that all kind of looked pretty uniform and all the girls were able to stick to a budget and just enjoy the wedding without having any pressure of spending too much money so that was something that was important to me to have when it comes to desserts cakes can be super expensive I did not realize how expensive a cake could be so we had dabbled with the idea of just doing the candy table instead but then we were like no like that’s not that’s a little too unconventional and then we decided to maybe go with a dessert table and then we thought okay well we’re going to either have to buy a ton of desserts or we’re going to have to make a ton of desserts and freeze them and have to deal with all that so we decided not to do any of that and the venue where we had our wedding they offered a meal that was the meal at our venue was amazing we still hear it from people to this day like that food was so good they offered an option to have a meal with a little individual cake of n so everybody got a little molten chocolate cake at the end of their meal and we didn’t have to fork out any money for a big grand cake with all these tiers that nobody’s really in eat anyways and you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on so that worked out for us because it was just included in the meal and it was delicious I’d say it was delicious but realistically John and I were so nervous that day that we did not eat a bite of our food and we were so upset that we didn’t get to eat it because we were like oh my god it looks so good and then I tried to call them and see if I could do a meal for the two of us for a one-year anniversary with our exact menu but they’re like no we don’t do that so unfortunately we’re not going to be able to try the food that we tried for a wedding but we hear it’s delicious so that’s all that matters I guess so the money that we saved with a cake we actually ended up putting towards having a bunch of pizzas come out around 10:00 o’clock at night which everybody really appreciated and then we got to take all the pizzas back up to our hotel room after the wedding we just sat there we ate pizza after the wedding which was great and then for the favors we went back and forth with party favors we’re like what do we do for party favors we had no idea we didn’t really like any ideas everything that we saw online were like that’s not us so around the time that we got married unfortunately was when the Fort McMurray fires had happened and tens of people in Fort McMurray lost their homes and it was tragic so we figured out how much money on average people spend on favor which was about two dollars and fifty cents on average which is what people I guess usually pay for favors so we figured out how many people are coming to our wedding we multiplied that by two dollars and fifty cents and we put that amount towards a donation to the Red Cross for the Fort McMurray fires so that was something that we felt good about a lot of people just throw up their favorites anyways so we were like this is actually going to go towards helping people so we had a sign up that said in lieu of favors we decided to donate in the name of our wedding to the Fort McMurray fires which I feel like a lot of people appreciated especially with how traumatic support McMurray fires were so we’re just glad that that money was able to go towards benefiting people so you don’t have to go for a wedding favor you can do something that is a little more custom to you as a couple again there’s no rules it’s whatever works for you as a couple is what you guys should do and this worked for us if you want to go for favors we’ve seen some great favors we actually for our engagement party we gave out favors because it didn’t cost very much it was about 30 people there but we had up I went to Michael’s and I got these little paper cardboard containers and we went to a coffee place and we got a bunch of coffee beans and we just put enough for one cup of coffee in each container and then we wrote a little tag on it that said thank you for coming from the perfect one so that was a cute little favor and people have done tea bags people have done so many different affordable ideas there’s so many great ideas out there for affordable favors so fine that works for you and if you don’t want to give a favor you could always donate there are so many great organizations and so many great causes that you could donate towards so give it a little thought you don’t have to do the conventional idea you could do what works for you because that’s what we did my next piece of advice is to accept as much help as possible I I was fearing that people would be upset with me for asking for help I was always afraid that people would get annoyed with me there’s always a stigma of people not wanting to be your bridesmaid not wanting to be part of your wedding party being upset about being a bridesmaid and I took that to heart a little too hard I didn’t want anybody to be inconvenienced by my wedding so I didn’t ask for help from anybody and I ended up doing everything on my own which drove me absolutely nuts I ended up breaking out like crazy I was sick a lot it’s stress does horrible things to your body and all for fear of somebody getting annoyed with me do as I say not as I do and accept as much help as you possibly can because people do want to help with your wedding as much as mainstream media makes it seem as though weddings are this horrible thing that nobody wants to be part of I’m standing in a couple weddings now and I am having so much fun helping the brides out with their weddings because it’s the most magical time in a person’s life and to have the privilege to be one of the people that gets to stand with them that’s a big thing so don’t feel like people are annoyed with you for being your bridesmaid or whatever because people genuinely do want to help you I tend to do everything on my own anyways so I think that’s where that played into but accept help accept help from anybody that wants to help ask people if they can help you may have friend that’s really good at Photoshop so have them make the safe today sir make the invites or whatever you may have a friend that is really crafty they can help you with the favors they could whatever you know what I mean so use what you have I have a friend that’s a really good photographer and she gave me a really really good deal and she did all my photos so that worked out very well for me when I asked Jos sisters help with the bouquets that was a huge weight off my shoulders because I just have to worry about anything the night before so yeah accept help from anybody that is willing to help or wants to help and you’ll take that people are going to get annoyed with you and honestly if people are talking crap about your wedding or talking crap about you for asking them for help they shouldn’t be in your life anyway so move on and you also have to remember that weddings tend to make everybody a little crazy I don’t know what it is but somebody had warned me about this when I got engaged they’re like just so you know weddings make people a little nuts there’s going to be a lot of opinions flying around everybody is going to put their two cents in I think the saying goes that pins are like everybody has one everybody’s going to have an opinion about everything that you do so don’t let that get to you don’t alter your wedding to other people’s opinions I kind of design I try to make everybody happy and it ended up backfiring on me but don’t let other people’s opinions affect anything that you decide to do because it’s your day and you’re never going to get this day back again also don’t be afraid to ask for what you want is your day but at the same time take it a little easy if things don’t go things are going to go wrong I’m just going to tell you that now things are going to go wrong and it might not be anything major but some things might not go your way and just keep your cool about it like an example for me is the decorator that I chose I chose her because on her Facebook page she had these or just chandeliers but she would use his centerpieces and then all the flowers would drape over them I absolutely love that so I hired her and we decided that every other table will have the chandelier and in between that it’ll be like these phases that have floating candles in them and then foliage all around it so the day before the reception I came in and I or the day before the wedding I should say I came in and just to see how the decorating was going and one of the girls that was decorating asked me to call my decorator because she needed to talk to me so when I called her she told me that she could not fit two chandeliers into the room just because the way I had the room set up wasn’t usually how people set up the room for event so she wasn’t able to put the chandeliers on because the beams were not in the right area anyways I was really disappointed because that’s what I wanted I was so excited to have the chandeliers but I didn’t say anything I kept my cool and I was like you know something worse could have happened so it’s fine I told you I completely understood and that it’s going to turn out to be beautiful anyways 15 minutes later I get a phone call from her and she was like you were so sweet about it that I felt so bad and I got my husband to go in and rearrange a few tables and we got four chandeliers in I had 13 tables and then I had four chandeliers so again I mean I would have rather had about six or seven tables of chandeliers but not a big deal four is fine so just keep your cool just remember that this day is the best day of your life and something minor like that is not going to ruin it one more piece of advice because this video is probably so long now but right before I got married I got advice from somebody to take about 30 seconds during the reception to just look around the room you and your partner and take it all in just take 30 seconds to just sit back and take it all in and I remember I told John that and after reception after everybody was seated and we were eating dinner John’s like let’s take our 30 seconds and we just kind of stopped in our tracks and we looked around the room and it was such an overwhelming feeling of everybody in this room is here to celebrate your love and it’s so emotional almost because you get so caught up in all the dresses of flowers the cakes the photos all that stuff and then you forget what it’s really all about so make sure to take that 30 seconds that day because honestly that day is going to fly by so quickly so make sure to take your 30 seconds to look around the room and appreciate every single person that came out to celebrate your love with you because it’s a beautiful thing so that is it for me today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did let me know in the comments also let me know if you guys have any tips or tricks of your own put them down in the comments they can help anybody that is looking to get married and planning wedding and all that stuff let’s help each other out so if you guys like this video I hope you can give it a thumbs up and again please I try to put out new videos every single week so until next week I’ll see you guys later

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